Problem solved!

Planning a several thousand miles trip back to the Olde Country (Canada) is much more challenging for me than it used to be.  A long time friend of mine who also has MS explained that it was something to do with the “executive function” that our brains seem to have lost.  Sounds as good as any explanation!  All I can say for certain is that it happens when you dig your old suitcase out of the back of the closet, and open it up on your bed, ready to stuff with the exact amount of clothing that you’ll need.  Logically, the number is directly related to the length of your trip, the availability of laundry facilities,  your planned activities, the weather forecast, and the number of members of the Royal Family you plan to see.

Slight miscalculation on my part:  Bill, Kate, and the kids will be visiting Canada later in the year.  My bad!

The MAIN reason for this visit is the anticipated arrival of our very own Princess, on July 5th!  To my knowledge, she is as yet unnamed, although there has been a lot of chatter about Hattie.  We’ll know soon enough!  My sympathies are with Claire, since I remember well the misery of being VERY pregnant in the heat of the summer.  Our son, the baby-daddy, Evan, arrived on July 19th.

There is yet another reason for this trip.  THE BOUGHT A HOUSE!  Tired of ‘pouring money down the drain’, aka renting, they finally fought the insane real estate market in Peterborough.  The reason this little city in central Ontario is having a wild time in the real estate market is that the behemoth of Toronto just noticed that they were just a ninety minute drive out of the big city!  Now, lots of would-be cottagers are discovering this area with lots of lakes and forests, with prices much lower that Muskoka, the usual Toronto go-to for vacation property.

They get possession of the property on June 30th, and are already busily packing and downsizing any unnecessary items in preparation.  Their new home will have 5 bedrooms, which they will need, since Claire’s mom, Bonnie, is moving in with them so she can help get them settled, and then eventually provide child care, when Claire goes back to work.  She’ll be taking most of the next year off as maternity leave, but since she’s self employed, that mean NO income!

Once they are settled, they hope to build a chicken coop on their large property.  As well, a generous garden is planned for NEXT year, on their 3 acre lot.  It will be a huge cost savings as well when Evan installs a reel-to-reel clothesline, for all those clothes that won’t need to use an electric dryer!  For the winter months, a clothesline can be set up in the basement, just like I remember my mother having when I was growing up!

They are SO excited at this new adventure that is unfolding for them, and I really can’t blame them at all.  They will no longer be living in the city of Peterborough, but in the nearby town of Norwood.  They will have a few nearby neighbors, but their road isn’t like a city street.  It’s a “Line”, 12th Line to be specific!

I will definitely post lots of pictures from our visit, in June/July, including some baby pics!