Joann’s story, part two

Eric, her social worker at Sunnyvale Community Services, called me yesterday.  It was a follow up to visiting her early last week.  He found her to be a cheerful senior lady, sitting happily in the midst of a sea of unbelievable clutter, not concerned with her current inability to walk from one place to another in her home, without tripping and falling.

A second appointment at her home was requested, which would require either Carol or I to arrive at her home, unlock the door, and ensure she was awake and presentable.  I took this opportunity to update him on the occurrences since his last visit.

On our last visit, Carol began vacuuming her bedroom rug, on her hands and knees, after I helped remove the nearby interfering boxes, most of which were empty, or just contained sheets of tissue paper.   I had just been informed that I would NOT be folding her professional wardrobe,  in preparation for donation.   In her bedroom, we managed to get the patio door open,  allowing us a breeze.   We used this as an exit point for the debris that wanted to clog the path.   Joann wandered in periodically, refusing the admire the headway we had made and the difference in the appearance of the rug without its thick layer of dust.  Her only response was to tell us to put everything back the way it was.  Very shortly, she told us to GET OUT.

Today, she has a caregiver, named Asia.  She is a kind girl, that doesn’t force Joann to do anything she doesn’t wish to.  She is there for six hours, during which she cleans any surfaces that are exposed for her cloth.  If she starts to delve into the massive collection of paper bags or boxes, she is sharply reprimanded by Joann, telling her to keep her hands off!

At this moment, the two ladies are out on the back porch, enjoying the breeze.  Joann is wearing her usual flannel nightie and is in good spirits.  When I asked about the timing for his visit to replace her burned-out kitchen light fixture, they both agreed to this.  I specified that he had time to do this between his online meetings, between 5pm and 6pm.  Asia mentioned that her shift is over by then, so she would leave the door unlocked.

I think that it is time to call Joann’s social worker, to bring him up to date on her status of late.  Since this can and does change, day by day, one can never be TRULY up to date!

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