Corona Virus Aftermath, etc.

Hundreds of deaths from this virus that no one, myself included, took seriously, at least initially.  The wave of death continues today in May 2020, but it started in February, in Wuhan China.  This virus started its kill by preying on the weak, like seniors with pre-existing conditions, like ME, with my diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

Civilization around the country is slowly waking, and very slowly emerging into day to day life as usual.  Each state governor is making their recommendations to begin to unlock the shutdowns and ease into normalcy.  Some are hedging their bets, and are hanging on to the shelter in place recommendations.

California is hesitant to creak open the gates, to allow the more insistent individuals to resume their familiar lives.  This would involve opening tightly shuttered businesses in order to allow people to work in their accustomed occupations.

More recently, nursing and care homes are showing a significant uptick in diagnosed coronavirus cases.  This makes sense in these situations, given a shared environment, including the care workers, and nurses.  Since these workers have lived in the outside world, it isn’t difficult to imagine how the virus could be introduced to such a closed environment.

New York has had some disturbing increases in diagnoses in children.  These pediatric presenting illnesses as a Kawasaki type disease, which causes rashes, fevers, and inflamed arteries throughout the body.  These are usually treated with anti-inflammatory medications, despite COVID being the root cause.

Many authorities continue to voice concern for a resurgence of serious illness,  once the restrictions are completely removed.  Even though many people have currently adhered to wise precautions of wearing masks and gloves when in public, there is the real risk of relaxing these precautions.  The autumn is estimated as to when this could possibly recur.  This may be a lesson we will have to learn the hard way!

Imagine heading to the beach on a hot sunny day, with only a water bottle, sunblock, and beach towel.  As you make your way to the surf, you pass someone who sneezes.  No matter, you think, the hot sun beating down will take care of that!

Or will it?

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