CRISIS!! ….or so they say….. We are stuck at home, in quarantine, due to the Novel Coronavirus #19

The media is having quite a time with all this sensationalism.  You can just see them snapping at the bait, provided by the various government representatives.   State government officials are now saying that school has ended for the YEAR, causing angst amongst should-have-been graduates for this year.  

Every single person has been hit by this crisis, with most smaller retailers told to close their doors.  The exceptions to this ruling are grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and doctor’s offices.  These are all considered ‘essential services’, so they must stay open.

Interestingly, a company called Harbor Freight has also been deemed to be an essential service!  It is a somewhat trashy little store, that operates under the name Princess Auto in Canada.  But a lot of people turn to it for the odds and ends of life, and super affordable price!

Hopefully, all the people that are suddenly out of jobs due to these closures, might be able to use their skills at some of the more essential services that are suddenly going to find themselves swamped by customer demand.

Also in the exceptions category is our son Evan’s company Patch Panel, located in Peterborough Ontario Canada.  Lately, they have gotten contracts with various military and police organizations, making custom patches for these groups.  Happily, for Evan the demand for these items is soaring.  He has recently hired several more staff members, but they are still racing to keep up with demand.  Because they are working with the police and military, they are deemed to be an essential service, so this won’t constitute a break for them.  I guess this comes under the ‘be careful what you wish for’ category!

The news at noon said that there have been over 2000 confirmed cases in the Bay area, and 75 deaths.  Italy still has the highest statistics, although it is considered to be continuing to spread, with the peak expected to be at least two weeks away,

Because breaking news comes through on my watch,  I have just seen that Trump is canceling the ‘in-person’ version of the G7 meeting, in favor of a massive conference call!

EVERYTHING is being modified, postponed or rescheduled.  Many newscasters advise that this is the NEW normal, which I’m still having trouble getting my head around.  The Food Bank  (Second Harvest) where I used to volunteer in their accounting department, is begging teens and young adults to come and help them out!  Their normal crew of volunteers generally are seniors, and they are the people that are being told not to be out and about.  They should avoid being near other people, due to their frequent comorbidities.  THEY are the ones that would be especially susceptible to this  particularly nasty virus du jour!


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