Waiting for change….

We are fine, although it is cooler than usual here. Ryan and Carolyn were here for a few short days this weekend. It was great seeing them, but was so short, as usual.  At their request, we went to Alcatraz, which was very interesting.  
I’m having more and more trouble getting around, even here on clear ground! I hate to think of what the snow and cold will have in store for me, when we move back after he retires. None the less, I hope that these intervening days pass quickly, as I miss the girls so much.  We have been told that they are the only grandkids we are going to have, so time is wasting!
Glenn is having an uproar with his job at Apple. There is a constant state of flux, so much so that he is contemplating changing departments. His current management is NOT in favor of that, but time will tell. He has two different possibilities he’s considering right now, but can’t discuss then yet. One is labeled Ultra Black, which means that he won’t be able to talk about it, even when he finds out the details himself!  His direct boss, Adrian, is not at all in favor of him moving departments, but Glenn is getting rather desperate.  
One opportunity is with the Semiconductor group, and he has had several interviews with them!  They are quite keen on getting him on board, but his move still has to be organized.  He has become quite the commodity at Apple, and his current VP doesn’t want to let him go.  Since this would be a fairly major move in that way, putting him under a different Vice President, there is a lot of give and take between the big shots.  .  
The reason that he is so anxious to make the move is that the new opportunity would be a marked difference for him.  An entirely new role would add significantly to his skill set.  It’s just a shame that it is happening so late in his career!
The second opportunity only appeared more recently.  He has been asked to interview for an Ultra Black project.  This means that it is very top secret, no talk, SHHHH!!
Technically, he can’t even discuss it with me!  Whatever, as long as he is happy.  He’ll have to tell them that his wife says NO travel, but he probably won’t discuss that at this initial meeting with them.
Our local trees are all in bloom, with pink, white, and yellow petals on every breeze.

Day time temperatures usually hit a high of 20C, but quickly taper off as sunset approaches.  Darkness brings a biting chill, with temps dropping significantly, to 10 or 12C.



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