sniff, sniff

I just found my second beautiful Monarch, laying on the ground, waving his legs.  I already have a corpse in my dining room, one got stepped on by a delivery dude yesterday.

I need to get Evan to use his sign maker and create a sign telling folks to;

WATCH YOUR STEP!!  Newborn butterflies are in the area!”

In case his weakness is caused by hunger, I’ll get out some salad greens and place those beside his head.  Don’t know if he’ll accept anything besides milkweed, but it is worth a shot!


2 thoughts on “sniff, sniff

  1. I’ve raised Painted Lady butterflies for my preschool children and it’s very adorable when we release them – 16 happy & gleefully screaming kids chasing them as they fly away! 🦋


  2. OUR problem is mostly due to an unusual cold snap! Plus, the horde of caterpillars that arrived about a month ago scarfed every bit of milkweed I had planted!

    How are things up your way? Now that the afternoon sun has arrived, it is getting quite warm out there! I dread the coming months, as the heat can sneak up on us!


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