Whither though goest,

I’m not sure if that has anything to do with memory, or if it is a coincidence that my chat with Diane this morning caused me to have an epiphany.  Time is passing, as it wont to do, and I need to mark its passage with more exacting accuracy!

As was demonstrated last year, when we tried to convince Hutch and Mary Lou to come and visit us, here in southern California.  We pointed out that it is a comparatively quick and inexpensive endeavor to fly from Florida to San Francisco, or even better, San Jose.  Ba da bing, ba da bing, as they say!

They were in the process of deciding if their annual Florida forays were coming to an end, or not.  They had always enjoyed these ‘escape winter trips’ so they could golf in the sunshine with their friends.  But they were soon informed that Mary Lou would no longer be eligible for out-of-country travel insurance, due to a small irregularity in her heart function!  No sooner did they discover this, than most of their friends made similar discoveries.

Now, they are Snowbirds no longer, stuck in the fluffy wet cold, and a snowblower won’t even help!

This past winter they stayed home and snuggled, by the fireplace, and undoubtedly, moped.  So, as the calendar announced the end of January, they and another couple that they are especially fond of, they announced their plan to fly to Portugal, and spend a month of leisure, sunning and funning, with a lackadaisical yee-haw to the lack of health insurance for this adventure!

The other couple have the same issue,  since Ken recently had a bout of Epstein Barre, that paralyzed him completely, but he came out of it. They plan this trip to take about a month there,  health depending, of course.

We have been here in California, since February 2014.  At that time, Glenn was 55, and delighted beyond words to accept this job at such an age..  Now, he is 61, and still strong and capable, both health-wise and intellectually.  In the intervening time period, he has finally ‘nailed’  his dream job.  He is a firmware specialist.  Although, it sounds to me like he is THE Firmware Specialist.

The problem in my eyes is that our two little grandgirls aren’t so little as time skips by!  They are now 7 and two, and we have been assured many times that this is IT,  Ryan and Carolyn are more career-oriented, and Evan has had the ‘big snip’.  I know, never say never, but seriously…

If Mary Lou and Ken can’t get health insurance because of pre-existing conditions.  I know that we tried before he joined Apple, and it was a NO.  His insurance with the company reassured us that anything was do-able, but otherwise NO.

Now, this makes me realize that our wonderful New Zealand trip is going to have to be moved up, to our fortieth anniversary, which is next May 2021.  Talking him into an earlier retirement is getting me nowhere, so we might as well take advantage of the current opportunity.

The Kiwis, as they are called, have a particular fondness of Canadians, which adds to the appeal for us!

New Zealand has an Apple office, in Christchurch, and he has indicated on his personnel file that he would consider a transfer there.  Needless to say, there has been no response. It cost the company over $100K to get him out of Canada, and down to the Bay area, with our 5 animals, our furniture, and all the legal fees involved.  Add to that the cost of getting us Green Cards, for which many of his more qualified colleagues are still waiting,

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