Back from the Olde Country

At the very end of June, we headed out for two weeks with an extensive agenda.  First, we helped Evan and family move from their rental residence that had a wicked driveway at the treacherous angle.  NO ONE was sad to wave goodbye to that!  I recall several winters’ visits when I feared planning a day out since it involved negotiating that piece of pavement when it was glassy with ice…

That house was located in a lovely neighborhood within the city of Peterborough.  When local homes started popping up for sale the price tags alone made them realize that this was not a realistic spot to house hunt, especially for first time buyers that were both self employed.  Banks dislike anything that isn’t written in ink and signed by a handful of corporate power monkeys.  After much perseverance, they did manage to find a bank that was willing to listen to them, and they finally found a house that they could love just outside the city.

The village of Norwood, pop 1400, has a vibrant downtown, with a grocery store, a couple of banks, some small mom-and-pop restaurants, and an amazing Home Hardware.  Glenn got to know the manager of the former quite well due to his frequent visits while we were staying with the kids.  This location makes for a slightly longer commute for Evan, on the days when he needs to visit the shot/warehouse.  Luckily, he is able to work from home most of the time, since his role entails such varied roles as sale support, order tabulation, and marketing.  His home office has been set up on the 3rd floor of this amazing hand crafted house.  This eagle’s nest location allows hm to survey his entire 3 acre property.  It will be many years before they manage to clear a lot of the deadfall of trees, but that’s all fuel for heating their home.

Oh yes, did I mention that they don’t have central heat or air?  Heat comes from a gigantic wood stove/brick fireplace that stretches the full height of the 3 stories.  After a good blaze, the brick retains and reflect the heat for hours.  If it is an especially chilly period, there is also baseboard heating in some areas.

NOW FOR THE MORE IMPORTANT REASON FOR OUR VISIT……  Meet Hattie Anna Henshaw, born July 5th, at 7 pounds 8 ounces.
















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