Summer suffering

As of this weekend, summer heat has found Silicon Valley.  By the feel of it, Mother Nature has been saving it up for a while!  The max heat was doled out upon Pittsburg, in the north bay area, just east of San Francisco.  That molten city hit a high temperature of 111F yesterday,  Not an all time record for the Bay area, but more than enough for any of the residents!

The ‘official’ beginning of the summer holidays is always the big July holiday.    July 1st is Canada Day, the country’s 150th birthday!  July 4th is Independence Day, which is the American holiday.  The two days are quite close together , which is why Windsor Ontario and Detroit Michigan always celebrated both of the shared waterway, the Detroit River, as Freedom Festival.  We both grew up enjoying the celebration, especially down at the river where massive barges staged a spectacular fireworks display.

This year, our summer includes some travel plans.  Claire and Evan have purchased their first home, with possession set for on June 30th.  As well, their second baby girl will arrive by C-section on July 5th.  Although they would have preferred us there earlier to help with the packing, we were restricted by number of  remaining holiday days due to our trip to Florida in February!  As it is, we’ll only be able to meet our new granddaughter at the hospital.

We were dismayed to find out that Anna’s recent knee surgery caused unforeseen complications.  She developed blood clots in her lungs, causing extreme shortness of breath.  She has been put on blood thinners to destroy the clots, but that takes time.   So far, she is still unable to have a conversation on the phone without tiring terribly.   As a result of her issues, we have added on a quick visit to see her, at the end of our Peterborough visit.  This will turn our planned week long trip into ten days, but checking in on Anna is essential for our peace of mind!

Glenn just warned me that his absence from work at this particular time may necessitate a take a trip to China in mid July.  Yuck!  This would be a perfect opportunity for our air conditioner to stop working, just like it did in our previous residence in Santa Clara.  The news is currently warning of our hottest day yet:  Thursday temperatures may reach yo to 107F.  After that statement, the newscaster said that extreme heat is the number one killer in the USA.

Cold comfort we get from watching the news, no pun intended.



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