When a local scientist was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he wasn’t content to simply watch his diet and take Metformin for the rest of his life.  He began to research what he could do to reverse this condition that could eventually take his eyesight, his kidney function, and his heart health.  With the knowledge that weight loss could reign in blood sugar,  Peter Z Wasowski got to work designing a multifaceted exercise machine.

Taking a basic machine found in most gyms, called a Nu Step.  This equipment is most often used by people that are in need of gentle exercise, at a slow speed.  What Peter did was to add tight pressure cuffs to both the arms and legs, in order to trap the lactic acid that the body produces in exercise.  This cues the body to produce more growth hormones, which helps with healing injured limbs, and fools the body into thinking that it has been exercising for a much longer period of time.  These machines are used extensively in rehabilitation for stroke victims, as well as those with chronic illnesses.nustep vaspar (1)

These blue seat covers, as well as the cinching cuffs, are piped full of icy cold water on a continuous basis.  The pump doesn’t start until you are on the seat with the cuffs in place, but once you are and the switch is thrown, BRRR!   This is supplemented by the frosty metal pedals!  These accommodations are ideal for folks with multiple sclerosis, like me!  Those  20 minutes  actually provides the benefits of a 45 minute workout.

IMG_0678Peter is currently working on outfitting some other pieces of exercise equipment to fulfill this same role.  Currently, there is a rowing machine and an elliptical trainer, that have had modifications made to accomplish these lofty goals

My favorite part of the whole experience is the “Cool Room”.  Soft nature sounds are played, and lavender oils are available for use.  It is a softly lit room with four cots that have the same chilled ‘bubble wrap’ as the seat of the Nu Step.  It is actually filled with extremely chilled water that is pumped through it constantly, the same way it is pumped through the cuffs and the seat cushion.  The water tank used is shown in the above picture.


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