The value of persistence

I’ve been having a battle with the Department of Motor Vehicles lately.  My driver’s license expired in March, and even though I sent my renewal in February, I’m still waiting.  Since we have to show our license to get in to Moffat, I got pulled aside.  Up comes the military police, who wouldn’t let me drive OR go to Vasper for my exercise session!  I had to call my Glenn to come and get me and the car!  I got an official warning to renew my license, even though it was actually sitting in the hands of the DMV.
When we got home, I called the DMV, and asked what I was supposed to do.  They said to call the DMV’s Legal Presence in the morning, which I did.  The voice in the recording said I was ‘caller # 45.  When a live body finally answered after half an hour, he told me  to come in to the bureau with all of the usual paperwork us non natives carried.  Next day, #3, we got in line and waited.  FINALLY, we are next.  We showed the clerk our stack of paper, ,our passports, copies of  his H1B, my H4, our I94 (which lists all of our entrances and exits from the USA.  NOT good enough!  They required us to present the ORIGINAL I94, not a copy.  As a concession, they did extend my drivers license by 3 weeks.
Next morning, I headed off to Vasper once again, and once again, I was pulled aside.  Why?  The officer looked at my ownership, saw the red tag on it, and said that I had to put it on the car, since it was invaled if it stayed on the document.  I agreed to attend to that right away, so he nodded and walked away.  Good girl that I am, I immediately got out of the car, went to the rear of the vehicle, and attempted to removed the sticker from the ownership.  I scratched at it with my fingernail, to no avail.  It wasn’t a sticker, it was a photocopy!  I looked down at the plate, and sure enough,  there was the sticker.
Fast forward to day #4, when we return once again to the DMV.  Early afternoon is the time to go!  Our wait was minimal, just half an hour.  It’s amazing what you can be grateful for.  Finally our number is called.  Finally, the fates were on our side!  This gal was super friendly, and was half Canadian!  We chatted about the ‘old country, and compared the real estate markets of here vs Vancouver, BC.  She looked at my drivers license, which had been renewed for 30 days, and commented that this was not nearly enough, given the way bureaucracy  is inclined to drag its heels.  She took it for a few minutes, and cam back with having extended it for a YEAR!
Now, with that adventure put to bed, our youngest son and his wife found a house they wanted……AGAIN!  This was their fifth try.  But finally, it worked, and they got it!  They live in Peterborough, Ontario, which is a couple hours north of Toronto.  It is a small city, population of about 200,000, with a real estate market that was kind of sleepy, until about a year ago.  It is now as competitive and vicious as it is here, since Toronto has realized the proximity! They had wanted to live in the downtown area originally, but had been looking outside of town more recently.  They found a home in the village of Norwood,  that is, well, quirky, but they fell madly in live with it.  Luckily, they were able to bargain with the owner, and get it!  Possession date was set at June 30th.  Only problem is that his wife, Claire, is very pregnant, with a baby due July 1st.  They currently have a 4 year old girl, who is most anxious for her baby sister to arrive.

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