Antibiotics were finished in five days, but deep lying congestion remained.  I have been told to stay on my steroid inhaler indefinitely.  I guess that implies COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder), without verbal acknowledgement from the doctor.  On my chart, it is no longer called COPD, It’s called COLD (Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease), or something like that.

I may be wrong:  how many different words can you fit in that acronym?  How about Chocolate Onion Liver Delight?  Or Constipated Old Lady Darling?  Or Crying Over Lousy Dinner!

I digress.  I worked out in the back garden today, since we were granted a few hours of sunshine after another morning of pounding rain.  The past few days rain was emphasized by howling winds, making those last few autumn leaves finally desert their branches.  Caught in the downdraught of the storm, these fragments of botanica were found too frail to win this last skirmish.  Their pieces lay scattered, becoming part of puddles, acceding to the circle that was their itinerary.

Now that we’ve both overcome our Christmas viruses, we are feeling like we deserve medals of honor.  Being between projects at work, Glenn is keen to take a little break while the hectic lifestyle of tech is pausing for breath.  Being post holidays, money is definitely a factor influencing our choices.  Having flown back and forth to Canada several times in the past year, we are well aware of that expense!  For both of us, it would be close to two thousand dollars, so clearly that’s not an option.  The cost of crossing the border, I guess.

We then discovered that flights WITHIN the USA were substantially cheaper.  We have an outstanding invitation for visit Mary Lou and Hutch, at their winter condo, in Florida.  It is on  Hutchinson Island, on the Atlantic coast.  The closest commute city is Fort Meyers, but the easiest place to fly to is still Orlando.

When they found out we were coming, Hutch sent us a couple of pics, just to seal the deal.img_0495This is the view from their balcony, on their fourth floor unit.  There is a heated pool and a hot tub, with the ocean is just  a  few yards away.  Of course, the only people that swim in the ocean at this time of year are Canadians:   they have  been primed by the cold lakes at home!

If that sumptuous view wasn’t enough, you can always get west-coasters with a shot of a beautiful sunrise.img_0501


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