I have started a diatribe a couple of times lately, but then I have wandered off and not finished it.  Why?  I have been sick:  VERY SICK, with the virus that Willa left us with at the end of her Christmas visit.  That poor little doll arrived here with a souvenir of air travel that no one would want.

Despite feeling somewhat miserable, I sincerely hope that Willa enjoyed her Christmas with  us.  Everyone agreed that THE most fun was had at the Children’s Discovery Center, aka The Purple Museum.  Absolutely everything was sized for kids, and the variety of exhibits assured no one would ever hear, “I’m bored…”.  THE most fun was had at the structure formed completely from duct tape.  The kids ran , laughed and slid on this slick silver slip N slide. img_0665 Sadly, it was a time limited offering due to the fragility of the exhibit.  Regular maintenance was required, so it was only open for 90 minutes at a time.

img_0667Glenn developed the sniffles and sneezes immediately after the family left, on the 26th.  Of course, with my lame immune system, I chose to take a head cold to epic proportions, developing not only bronchitis but effectively disabling my pulmonary musculature.

“Take a deep breath, “, says the doctor.  I do as I’m told, over and over, until she steps back.

“Well, despite the fever, I don’t hear any rattles, or wheezing…..”, she says, brows furrowed.

Well, maybe that’s because I CAN’T BREATHE!  To me, it felt frightening, like my lungs weren’t expanding, not due to congestion so much as they just WOULDN’T!

I felt absolutely horrid at this point, on New Year’s Day.  Until now,  I had chosen to battle this bug using good ol’ home remedies, like drinking lots, resting, and meditating.  Clearly, it was time to acquiesce, and call the doctor.

An antibiotic was prescribed, due to the presence of a fever, and a steroid laden inhaler, to reduce the obvious inflammation in my lungs.  Ten days later, I am feeling MUCH better, thank you!

I was puzzling what caused this ‘inflammation’ to begin with, and mentioned it to my fellow MS’er, Karen.  Unable to come up with a satisfactory explanation, she contacted her nurse rep with neurologist Dr Dunn, whom we both see.  Still unable to explain this inflammation, Jen Li said she would contact the company that manufactures my MS medication, Gilenya, as she recalled that there was a lung side effect disclosed in the associated warnings for this drug.  She promised to get back to me once this had happened.

Tomorrow is my recheck with the doctor, to ensure my lungs are behaving better, as well as Glenn’s chance to discuss his ongoing shoulder issues.  He seems to have developed Frozen Shoulder on his left side, probably originally due to falling on it several years ago.  To clarify, his first experience at curling was his last.  Wearing only sneakers, he slipped on the ice at the rink, and broke his right ankle in two places, and tore the tendon.   With his foot in a cast, he had to use crutches to get around , so a slippery driveway was the recipe for a perfect storm.  To reassure you, the crutch wasn’t injured.



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