Losing crumbs

Every once in a while, I surprise myself, but not in a good way.  I’ve always been good with basic math skills, so this was a shock AND a reality check

I was in the midst of one of my favorite past times, making muffins using the oranges I had processed and frozen last summer.  Since I usually freeze the juice and ground fruit in doubles, this means that the recipe ingredients also need to be doubled.

With some of my recipes, I will annotate the larger quantities beside the single amounts.  I hadn’t done this for this recipe, basically because I’ve only been making these muffins for a year.  Having had the generous old orange tree in the yard of our rental home was what inspired me to find a use for this windfall of fruit.

Today I was doubling my quantities while I was actually making the muffins, multitasking if you will.  The recipe as written calls for one and three quarters cups flout, but to accommodate the double quantity of fruit, I need to also double the dry ingredients.  So that means, one and three quarters doubled, which is one plus one and three quarters plus three quarters.  That is the same as saying 1 3/4 + 1 3/4.  So, 2 plus …….  3/4+3/4, or….6/8?  No, that’s not right!

I took a step back from the mixer.  What the HELL!?  This SO not me!  Since when can I not do simple little crumbs of math?  keep breath, relax.  Is this MS messing with me?  Or what?  I’ll ask my neurologist on Tuesday at my appointment to discuss what my 3-Tesla MRI showed.  Maybe that will have some answers for me.

When I was at my volunteer job at the senior’s gym this week, one of our members brought in a copious amount of oranges, as well as everyone’s favorite Meyer lemons.  James does this every year, since he fears that if the fruit isn’t picked, the trees will figure that it isn’t appreciated.  As a result, he picks every single piece of fruit, puts it in boxes the size of shoeboxes, and brings them in.  He is a character, James is, and he has been known to talk the ears off of many a gym member.

So for the short term, I’ve got to get into the gym for my shifts, and scoop up as many oranges as I can!  While we were in the rental home, I probably should have put more effort into processing orange for the freezer, but we didn’t realize how soon we would be wanting to leave!


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