It’s been WAY TOO LONG!

SO…my official excuse is that the  retina specialist at Stanford Medical Center in Palo Alto, CA messed up my eyes REAL bad.  With the honorable intentions of checking on the health of my retinas, three different types of eye drops were used to dilate my retinas.  OUCH!  Why is it that those particular drops feel like a mix of sand and acid?  Never mind, rhetorical.  Worse than the drops was the exam itself!  The specialist promptly shone a super bright light directly into my eyes, while instructing me to look up, down, right, left.  Each direction hurt worse than the last.

………oh, my poor eyes……..

The good news is that they are fine:  no damage from my rowdy blood sugar levels, so far.  I guess I dodged a bullet this time.  Especially considering the wonderful time I had at Evan’s wedding reception…  but enough said.  If my blood sugar is a wee bit wonky right now, it’s understandable.  I’m not sure exactly how many glasses of wine I had, but suffice it to say, it was a VERY special occasion.  Of course, I wasn’t alone:  my sister-in-law, my daughter-in law, and my mother-in-law were all there, keeping up with me.

Meanwhile, my eyes are still sore, but at least I am starting to be able to focus.  Bright light has never been a friend of mine, but has been especially challenging in the past several months.  I have really GOT to get some darker lenses on my ultra cheap sunglasses, but I suspect that this many be an oxymoron.  Glenn suggests that I get Evan to order me some Oakley glasses, with an assortment of the darker interchangeable lenses. Ev has a business account with them, through his paint ball company.   I also like Blu Blockers, so add that to my list as well, please….

This evening marks the end of the week that Glenn has been home for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Thanks, Apple!  It certainly wasn’t an idle week, as we have used the time to help clear a massive to do list.  We have been cleaning up in preparation for clearing out some old excess furniture that has worn out its welcome.  The immediate end goal was to make room in the guest room for a bunk bed.  This means that the queen bed that is/was in there originally, must GO.  The queen is not a new bed by a long stretch, but was originally an expensive mattress.  We bought it in Ottawa, just before we moved down to Waterloo.  That’s how good a deal we got:  we paid to move it 500 miles south!  The store was going out of business, so the deals were quite amazing.

Now, back to the present.  When Evan and Claire told us that they planned to spend Christmas with us, we knew we had some work to do, and some unloading of excess.  This means that the large desk that we had originally put in the guest room is going to have to find a new home.  So far, he has cleared it off, taken pictures, and advertised it on our local website, part of the Nextdoor chain.  He priced it at $50 (after having paid $300), but so far it has been there for a week, with nary a nibble.  We will give it another week or so, but after that, it will go to Habitat for Humanity, since they will pick it up, AND give us a tax receipt.  Along with it we will send the queen bed frame, but not the mattress.  Nobody wants used mattresses, at least, nobody in an agency!

We have finally treated ourselves to a beautiful new sofa, with a divan on one end, making it a sectional.  We chose a vivid bright turquoise, and it will be delivered next week.  That means that we have to part with our old brown leather love seat, that is falling apart under the seat cushions.  We bought it when we first moved to Waterloo, so it has had a good long life with us.

This will require a call to 1-800-Got-Junk.  My buddy Karen has recently had to do a major sort and purge, since her daughter and son-in-law recently sold their home and moved back in with her parents!  In most cases, this would be a huge disadvantage for a couple like Karen and Robert, but so far it has proven very advantageous.  Karen’s MS has been making her life very difficult, so having extra help around the house has been appreciated.  Plus, since their daughter Emily enjoys cooking, that has taken a huge load off a gal that really can’t spend much time on her feet.

As well as all this sorting and shifting, we have been painting, installing cupboard door handles in the kitchen, installing plumbing fixtures in the two bathrooms, and sorting out our massive collection of queen sized bedding.  We have a queen, but we really don’t need six sets of sheets!  Since this is our smallest house yet, space is at a premium.  So it looks like Habitat may benefit from some bedding to go with that bed frame!

The other items I’m considering passing on the Habitat is a high chair, crib, mattress and 2 sets of crib bedding.  But first, I’ll need to run it by Claire, since they are constantly trying to give Willa a sibling, but Claire’s health issues are proving a challenge for their goals.



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