Election Eve

It is now 7pm.  Polls across the country have closed, with two exceptions.  If a line up still exists at a poll, anyone in line by 8pm will be allowed to vote no matter how long this takes.  Not all polls have closed due to the current time as well.  Pacific Time Zone polls are open for another two hours.  Washington state, Oregon, New Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, and California still have time on their hands.  

Polls in the eastern part of the country are long closed, and are still tallying up numbers, in some cases.  We have heard that the race is pretty evenly split in some of those states, so it is still too close to call.  During my usual 3 hour shift at the Santa Clara seniors’ gym, I was asked several times if I had voted yet.  Although most members already know me, some newer joiners didn’t know that I am a die-hard Canuck.  Usually, my response was to smile, and quietly explain that I could not vote, due to all the maple syrup in my blood.  Quizzical looks were soon replaced by friendly nudges from long time gym members, who hastily explained my curious response.

Truthfully, I am just as glad to sit this one out.  Politics here is a blood-borne passion, often acompanied by an excess of vitriol, expressed at an elevated volume, and accompanied by rather pungent vocabulary.  Sweat flows freely with sputtering spit, as devout believers stamp and threaten.  Tears are inevitably conjured up as the unwitting exclamation points in political discussions.  Trust me, this event us much more palatable from the observation deck than the front row of the coliseum.

Like most expatriates, I’m nervous about the outcome of this contest.  Trump being the blowhard he is, has caused those of us that here on invitation only as in the work visas are feeling quite unsettled.  He has sworn up down and sideways that employment visas will all be retracted under his rule, leaving these jobs for the deserving American workers.  You can imagine that the dozens of technology firms here in Silicon Valley will be feeling distinctly uncomfortable right now!  Given the  millions, or billions, that these companies have spent recruiting the ‘best of the best’ in engineering and scienctific minds, their frustration could be understood!

Luckily, Canada will welcome us back, with open arms.  But where would this leave us, in a financial sense?  We have purchased a home here mere months ago, and currently there is a glut of homes like ours for sale in our neighborhood.  Currently, the Dow Jones is down 700 points, undoubtedly due to the total unease surrounding this colossal event.  Rather unsettling, to put it mildly.

The true ramifications won’t really be known until the final ballots are counted, and dawn has breached horizons across the country.  Then, we’ll awaken to the havoc that our votes, or our fellow citizens’ votes, have wrought.


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