Advice on exterior home colours, PLEASE!

I love the colours of autumn, the warm and crispy leaves as the sift casually to the ground.  The vibrant orange that defies melancholy, and the clear shimmering gold and of a much deserved sunset after a steamy hot day.  It always seems to be a consolation prize, doled out by Mother Nature after she has vented her ire on the earth.  Punishing us earthlings for some crime she has felt was leveled against her.  But I digress….

Currently, deluges of rain gush unrelentingly on the porch, handily removing the poorly applied surfacing.   I never really cared for it, since it really just added yet another dimension of bland to my basically beige house.  Eight weeks has not yet cemented a more worthy colour scheme in my mind, but I DO know the status quo has got to GO.

I am debating going drastic, with the trim being a very dark navy, and the front door becoming a deep maroon.  Since the siding is a pale slightly greenish beige, these tones should give the home the wa-bang it is craving.  OR more correctly, that I am craving!  I have never been a connoisseur of bland, but now my palate is leaning towards the colour schemes made popular in the seventies.  Everything old is new again, at least in the eyes of the purveyors in my age group!

So, once again, this is what I’m working with.  The dark, rusty metal porch lights (to the left of the white front door) have been replaced with sleek stainless steel fixtures already.  Picture the vertical trim pieces, and window frames, in the dark blueish black shade.  Then the frond door, in the maroon shade.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.38.03 PM

Now comes the big dilemma, which is the one that I’m very willing to receive advice on!  What about the colour of the garage door, the steps?  The fence is going to need replacing in the next year or two, so any recommendations there, for colour and material?

The big old evergreens that form the landscaping are going to be removed, since they are mostly dead wood in the center.  Since I love the wonderful variety of grasses that are now available, I would love it if they were to form the majority of the new plantings.  Grasses like ‘Blonde Ambition’ blue grama grass, set against Icee Blue yellow-wood, and nearly black Aeonium Arboreum, and red flowering kangaroo paw.    I also love the motion that grasses give a garden planting, when a breeze stirs them.  Given my love of colour, I think the central planting could also be something like a burgundy smoke bush.  I love their ethereal bracts as they mature!

The other part of the landscaping, both front and back, is a plethora of large rounded rocks, that I knew in Canada as Dinosaur Eggs.  Here, they call them River Rock, but in any case, they are large and awkward, and completely UNsteppable for anyone but a gazelle!  Clearly, they have no place in the landscape of someone with zero balance skills!

So there is your challenge.  Tell me if I am overloading the landscape with colour, or tell me that it sounds fun.     In any case……….HELP!




2 thoughts on “Advice on exterior home colours, PLEASE!

    1. Great inspiration comes for the exterior redo plans, when it is pouring rain outside! Not that I am complaining, since rain is always a relief when drought is a constant.

      I will keep my blog up to date on any decor changes, as they happen.

      Sorry we missed seeing you when we were back earlier this month… but when Glenn is partly on a work trip, his mind is always on work!


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