Adventures in crisis

Finally, Glenn is back in Sunnyvale!  Then, WHY does everything start to go wrong now?

One of the ceiling fans in our living room stopped working a few days ago, while he was in China.  I didn’t think anything of it, so didn’t even mention it to him, in our once daily phone conversations.  Upon his return, however, things started to go wrong with more than just that fan.

It seems like ‘suddenly’ is an appropriate adjective, but in a matter of a coupe of hours, lights stopped working, and plugs had no power.  A mild panic rose between us, as we dashed around, searching for extension cords.  We have a large aquarium with a dozen tropical fish, and an assortment of plants.  None of these items were costly, but we still felt the urgency of the pump not oxygenating the tank, killing the fish!

Glenn immediately went out behind our home, to check the circuit breakers.  A visual inspection didn’t provide any answers, but he was loathe to tamper with them.  Even though he is more than capable of replacing or repairing the breakers, but we currently have insurance on these items in our home for a period of one year.  The recommended process is to get an electrician in to investigate, so we have one coming in tomorrow morning.

When he was away, our car was acting up.  I was supposed to pick up a friend of mine a couple of days ago, to go out for a late lunch.  Unfortunately, my car would not start.  My friend offered to come over and call AAA to come and rescue me.  I didn’t realize that she could do this, and that AAA would come even though I didn’t have a membership!

In about half and hour, my savior pulled up to the driveway, where my pathetically dead car sat.  Once he had my friend, Cathy, fill out required paperwork.  he quickly determined that the battery was not only nearly dead, it was quite old!  He offered to jump start the car, so that I could drive to the car dealer and have a new battery installed OR……he could just install a new battery for me, here and now.  My response was an unequivocal YES PLEASE!  

The ‘surgery’ was over and one within 2o minutes.  Since he had also noticed that the gas level in the tank was quite low, he also topped it up with an extra gallon of fuel!  He rationalized that this would be quite sufficient to get me to a gas station on nearby Lawrence Expressway.  Talk about  above and beyond!  I honestly don’t know how reasonable the price on the battery was, but to me in this situation, it was priceless.

After he left, we headed off for our delayed lunch plans, so all was well.  BUT immediately upon arriving home, I went online on my computer, and signed up for a AAA membership.

The next morning, I was due to go in to the Senior’s Gym for my thrice weekly shift.  Wisely, I stopped at the first gas station, and quickly set up to fill the tank.  Within a few minutes, the pump indicated that the tank was full.  Even though it seemed remarkably quick, I put the nozzle back in its saddle, and paid the attendant.  I did note that the gas gauge still felt that the tank gas level was VERY low.  Thinking that the gauge was simply balky, I went on about my day.

The following day, I was on my way in to an appointment when the warning light indicating ‘dangerously low level of gasoline’.  How could this be?  I had just filled the tank with $36 of gas the day before!  Defiant of this warning, I continued along, figuring on asking my buddy Manny how one could determine how much gas actually WAS in the tank.

Luckily, my bravado ebbed away as I drove along, and I pulled into yet another gas station. After detailing my concerns to the compassionate attendant, he assisted me in filling the tank, ‘just in case’.  That supposedly ‘full tank’ gobbled up another $43 of gasoline!

To put it mildly, methinks my car needs a really good check up.  It really hasn’t had one in over a year, ever since the Mitsubishi dealer in our area closed.  A couple of months ago, the local Subaru dealer hung an additional shingle, advertising Mitsubishi as well.  I guess we need to meet and greet this group, and introduce our Canadian expat car that only speaks kilometers.



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