Murder, suicide, and he’s coming home early

Okay, I confess:  the first two are not related to the third item.

In the past few days, here at our mobile home park, the murmur has become a definite BUZZ!  Two streets over from where we live, copious yellow police tape cordoned off the crime scene, making it impossible to enter or exit the park through our favorite little egress.  This is more excitement than many have ever seen, as much hand wringing and head shaking were the standards of the day.  Whatever could this mean?  Are we safe?  Should we hide in our nonexistent cellars, and triple bolt our doors?

The police brought an end to the fearful gossip, by quickly gathering the reams of yellow tape.  They assured everyone that there was nothing to fear, and that the case was officially closed.  How can that be?  How could they know that none of us were at risk?  Did they catch the culprit?

It turns out that the two individuals that died were a married couple in their seventies.  SHE was suffering from end stage cancer, and was in intractable pain.  HE was her husband of 50+ years, who couldn’t stand to see her suffer any longer.  Whether it was planned (premeditated) or not was irrelevant in this case.  Both of the deceased are now  out of their pain and suffering.  No comment from the family.

When he called this evening, Glenn announced that his flight had been re-booked to an earlier time.  Instead of the originally booked Sunday flight, he will be coming home on Wednesday!

The reason for this change is that the factory he visited first was nowhere near ready for the steps that Glenn was there to implement.  He spent a few days fixing little issues that had presented themselves, but that’s it!  So tomorrow, he’s going to another nearby factory, to see if he can make more progress there.  On Saturday, he’ll leave Zhongshan, and head over to the second factory site that was originally planned for this trip, in Shenzhen.

As always happens when he travels, I’m miserable for the first few days that he is away.  But by day 3 or 4, I’m getting used to my ‘new’ routine, and am much more relaxed.  Even Lacey has adjusted to going for twice daily walks with me and my walker.  All I have to do is pick up her Service Dog vest, and she obediently trots over, and sits patiently.  Depending on how busy a day I’ve had, her evening walks vary from 2 blocks to 10 or 12.  Either way, she’s content, assuming she can do her requisite amount of sniffing!

Apparently, he’s going to be on tenterhooks, worrying about the new flight possibly being cancelled.  There is a typhoon scheduled to hit the area in the next 12 to 24 hours.  Great!  Tell me you’re coming home early, then Typhoon X comes along and messes it all up!  Luckily, I expect that it will have come and gone by the time he’s ready to hit the skies.


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