Furry four footed family


Filly, the cat with a bum leg, sometimes wanders over to the next street. Understanding locals will simply bring her back home, and toss her in the rarely locked front door. She is a favorite of the two older ladies across the street as well, and can often be seen resting on one lap or the other, as they rock and pet the old cat. For those who knew me in my pet rescue days, you may remember Filly as the mom cat found in a barn with her three kittens. The three girls that discovered them on the family farm each took a kitten, and brought the mom cat to our rescue. Through a trip to our veterinarian, we learned the foot that we had thought was injured was just fine, but her whole leg was full of buckshot! We can only presume that the farmer mistook her for a raccoon!filly

Claire and MollyOf the two dogs, the eldest is Molly, a ten-year-old Shar Pei. Evan got her at a rescue closer to where he lives, in Lanark County, and had been named Prunie.  She been adopted twice previously and returned, probably due to her being an excellent escape artist.   Since they adopted her, she has taken Evan on many cross-country running adventures, but he is very philosophical about it: it hasn’t done him any harm, and she really NEEDED a forever home.  That Lanark rescue relishes hearing about how well she is doing, and what adventures she has gotten herself into.  Recently, she met up with a porcupine, with predictable results.  The local vet had to put her under to get at the quills that had lodged themselves in her soft palate.  At the age of ten, some vets would hesitate to use anesthesia  on such an elderly dog.  Shar Pei usually only live ten or eleven years, but Molly hopes to be the exception.  The vet expressed his admiration at her general physical health, and guessed that she might last several, even FIVE, more years!

Frank and Willa

The third and final furry is Frank, aka Frank the tank. He is a purebred Australian Shepherd that just weighs 90 pounds. He isn’t fat, but he is ‘big boned’!   Apparently, they should have been forewarned of his potential, after having met the sire!  He really is a massive beast, who can put his front paws on six-foot tall Evan’s shoulders. A truly gentle giant, he looks out for everyone in the family.   As an example, Glenn offered to take him for a walk late one evening after a lengthy rainstorm, causing him to jump up, run to the door barking, then tearing upstairs to wake Molly to come along. When the two dogs thundered down the stairs together, we got the message!  Whither thou goest, in dog language!  For all of his intimidating size and stature, her is a big baby.  ONE visit to the groomer at PetSmart turned him into a shaking whining puddle, especially when the trim razor started up!


You can see that the family tradition of critter love is alive and well with Evan’s family!




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