Homeowners, once again.

We closed escrow on Monday, instead of the  Friday:  four days late.  The delay was due to ‘circumstances beyond our control’, in the form of a petulant inspector, sulking because he didn’t feel he got his due.  The end result for us was an obvious delay in our plans, and a wee refund on our previously paid space rent at the park.

Despite this delay, we are now living in our new home, and are mostly unpacked.  The condition of Glenn’s beloved garage is a very sorry stagnation of stuff.  Unfortunately, straightening out this massive maze will require completely purging the space.  Then, we can select items that would be able to be hung on the walls.  This will hopefully help,  but probably not enough to allow him to actually make use of his beloved table saw.  This will require the next option:  the dreaded storage locker.

After all, this is just a single car garage, in which there is an upright freezer (ours), an older refrigerator (previous owners).  The rental had a double car garage, but also contained the laundry room, as well as a nonfunctioning water softener, cranky hot water tank, and the furnace.  Our original plans were to have the old fridge hauled away, and to put the fridge that is in the kitchen in the garage, to serve in the capacity of The Beer Fridge.

However, it seems that moving was a bit more costly than we figured on.  Therefore, all appliances will remain, for the time being, at least.  Today, while emptying the dishwasher Glenn commented that this was obviously not a high end unit, since CLEAN was a very subjective description of the dishes.  He commented yesterday that this appliance was oddly small inside the unit, since it held less than half the dishes of a ‘usual’ unit.  *sigh*  It looks like Santa may be bringing us a new dishwasher…

As for photos of our new home, those are at least a week off.  We have just gotten rid of the last cardboard box, as well as the green plastic bins that we rented.  HIS idea, that was originally Evan’s idea.  Ev and Claire’s last move was the inspiration for using these boxes, since they don’t crush.  Having lost quite a bit of my grandmother’s crystal during a move, these durable boxes certainly had their appeal!

I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting out on my new porch, even though it has full sun in the morning, until late afternoon.  We brought our patio cover with us from the rental,  and luckily, it fits perfectly!  This means that I can relax in the shade, swinging lazily on the swing that Anna gave me.  It was originally a gift TO her, from all of us, but when she moved into an apartment that didn’t have a balcony, she knew that I would appreciate having it.

There is a monthly ‘newsletter’ magazine put in everyone’s mailbox.  I have done all of the puzzles:  the word search, the cross word and the sudoku.  I read the riveting note from the board of directors, and then spent some quality time reading the advertisements for contractors in all sorts of services that would be of interest to mobile homeowners.  This will come in handy when we start to notice the positive impact of moving here, and leaving our pricey rental property.


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