If it wasn’t for bad luck…

…….I’d have no luck at all.  I know, tired old saw, but painfully true, in our case.  Due to delays beyond our control, we were NOT able to close escrow on our new home on Friday.

The good news is that it SHOULD close on Monday morning, by ten AM.  Well, to pull out yet another old saw, I don’t feel like counting those chickens yet either!  There are still forty eight hours between now and then, and ….

Even our poor real estate agent, Louise, who agreed to meet us at the house for a final opportunity to measure this n that, is inclined to think that we have a dark cloud following us around.  She arrive there, only to find that the lock box was laying on the patio table, with NO KEY INSIDE!  A break in?  Luckily, NO.  The contractor that was in on Friday to touch up paint accidentally took the key home with him.  Of COURSE he did.

Our one dribble of good fortune was that he lived just a few block from our new home, so once apprised of this oversight, he was quickly at our door.  Our agent, Louise, clearly didn’t know whether to hug him or smack him.

Once inside, we discovered that the homeowner had kindly left half a dozen bottles of wine in our new wine fridge.  Nice!  He also left enough light bulbs to do us for the rest of the millennium.  Every kind of light bulb you could imagine:  incandescent, and fluorescent.  These made up the largest part of the collection, which didn’t please Glenn greatly.  He has replaced nearly all of our bulbs wth LED’s, but I’m sure we’ll find a good home for them.  FREE makes a lot of friends!

While we were waiting to get into the house, I started my usual habit of pulling weeds.  While Glenn stood shaking his head slowly with a small smirk on his face, I yanked out the same sort of weed that I’m constantly pulling here, in our rental home.

“Well, at least it is OUR house, instead of medians in parking lots!  Nothing is safe from your vendetta against weeds, is it?”

I have yet to find anyone that really objects to my little harmless hobby.

NOW, back to our debacle du jour.  The reason we couldn’t close on Friday, as planned, was that the termite inspector was in a snit.  He found a piece of wood trim by the garage door that was suspiciously spongy.  When he pointed it out, in his initial inspection, he assumed that HE would be the one hired to investigate, and if necessary, replace the piece of wood.  The real estate company that listed this home only uses contractors from a VERY select group of pre-approved craftsmen.  This inspector was NOT on that particular list, so he wasn’t hired to fix the problem.  BUT since being able to close the sale was dependent on his signature on the ‘pass’ document, he ‘punished’ US for this snub by dawdling and delaying until the legal deadline of 12:30 had passed.

Upon closer inspection of the inside of the cupboards, I found some coffee grounds, and a bit of flour,  Not a big issue, I would just wipe out the kitchen cupboards before putting my items away.  Louise however, insisted that she would have her cleaning lady come in on Monday, and give everything a good cleaning.  Though I demurred, saying that this was quite unnecessary, she insisted.

“Call it my house warming gift.  I just feel so bad that you’ve been delayed in getting in and settled.”

Despite our protestations, she would have none of it.  So, while we are corralling the packers/movers at the old house, someone will be cleaning our new home, and making it perfect and pristine for us.

While we were waiting for the key to arrive, I spent time looking at the garden.  There was a neglected tomato plant that I might be able to nurse back to health, some strawberries with some unripe berries on them, and some leaf lettuce long ago gone to seed.  Several white cosmos flowers stood tall, bowing in the breeze to the yellow echinacea with their  brown button noses.  A few large blousy  blooms caught Louise’s eye, but I couldn’t immediately name them.

These flowers are nice, but they are taking up valuable real estate in MY future vegetable garden!  I know it is late in the season to be starting string beans, but I NEED my homegrown beans!  Since we’re not at risk for a killing frost here for many months, it’s worth a try.  Next year, when I have a full growing season ahead of me, I’ll get a bit more adventurous.


5 thoughts on “If it wasn’t for bad luck…

  1. Had a cyst that was starting cellulitis removed this morning, so a bit sore. Once that heals up, I’ll move on something closer to happy. Exhausted, but definitely enjoying the fact that temps tend to be cooler here, due to proximity to the SF Bay.

    Happy to know that we don’t have to simply maintain the premises, as owning means reno’s are quite doable, assuming the financing is there. The rental was really getting us down, since it was quite old and hard to deal with. The homeowner was NOT interested in updating it, so the water softener was so old it hadn’t worked for a long time. The yard irrigation system was also aged, and leaked copious amounts of water. We of course had to pay the water bill.

    When we first came down here, we grabbed the rental home, since there was and is a shortage of rental properties here. We started out paying $3550 per month, but is now $3850, climbing to $3900 in October. With buying this place, that is the same size in square footage (1300), we are saving almost $1000 per month. Plus, it puts Glenn just 15 minutes from work! A no brainer, we think.

    Once everything gets sorted and put away, we plan on doing a photo essay, which we’ll publish.

    Thanks for keeping in touch Bev. I often think of that party we had at your house, we laughed until we cried!

    Have a super happy birthday on the 12th!


    1. And an early happy birthday to you too! It’s so much nicer to be living in your own digs. moving is so tiring though! We did have a big laugh that night didn’t we? Gotta love those wieners!


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