Hurry up and wait…..again!

Well, at least our escrow paperwork is signed and done, BUT….  we haven’t put our money down yet.  Rush, rush, to get to the bank before it closes….only to discover that there has been a HOLD but on the money!  We cashed a chunk of Apple stock, which we assume is fairly safe and secure, being as they have several billion dollars in the bank. We assumed that we could simply get a money order for the proceeds for our down payment.  Silly us.  Apparently, we’re not in Kansas (Canada) anymore, so shouldn’t be surprised that the rules of the game have changed.

This reminds me of one of David Henshaw’s favorite sayings:  To ASSUME anything is to make an ass out of U (you) and ME.  Apparently, this is especially true in anything involving banks.

Just because I spent several years early in my career (1970’s) working for one of Canada’s Big Five banks should not mean that I know how things spin internally in a bank these days.  Cashing stock from a big lucrative company like Apple and depositing it DIRECTLY  into your bank account is done in a blink of the eye there.   Here, in the good ol’ USA, not so much.

In the olde country, a hold was usually put on large checks when the status of the company on which the check was drawn was a precaution that protected the depositing bank from fraud.  But Apple?  Seriously?  And it wasn’t even a check to begin with!   What part of ELECTRONIC TRANSFER do you not understand?

There, that rant made me feel better.  Anyway, the money is apparently now in our account, so Glenn will squeeze out between meetings and get a bank draft for the escrow company.  Then, assuming we can spend the next sixty hours without any more ‘misunderstandings’, we can get our key on Friday!  Luckily, we have arranged for the moving company to pack AND move us, starting Monday morning  9AM.  We have both wisely taken all of next week off to get things unpacked and settled into our new home.

Glenn’s manager, Dave, has stood up to the incessant whining coming out of China, and refused to send Glenn at this point.  Instead, another department member is dealing with the heat, pollution, and frustrations.  Bless you, Jeff, I’m so glad that its you that has stepped into the fray at this point.  Yes, I know that this means that the next one is on Glenn, but that could be an issue as well.  The ‘next build’ is currently scheduled for the end of August, but we’ll be back in Canada at that point at our son’s wedding, followed by babysitting our granddaughter for a week while the newlyweds go on a short romantic getaway.

I’m not naive, I know that this could potentially mean he would dessert me early and trot off to China, leaving me to get myself home on my own.  The though of this does make my stomach curl into a tight little ball, since my sense of direction always lets me down.  My preference would be for us to head back here on our planned date of September First, so I could get back here, settle in to doing copious laundry, and send hime off to the factory.  Of course, this could be an issue as well, as I just found out that my first appointment with my new neurologist, Dr Jeff Dunn, has been scheduled for September 6th!  Somehow, I can’t picture myself driving to Stanford University Neuroscience Center by myself.  Again, my sense of direction….


4 thoughts on “Hurry up and wait…..again!

  1. Nothing is ever easy is it? When you are enjoying your new space you will forget all the problems it took to get there! btw…I got an early birthday present…a fully decked out IPAD Pro! OMG…I am in Apple heaven!!!


  2. I guess that this wouldn’t be the best time to tell you that you COULD have gotten Glenn’s Friends and Family discount of 15% off, and you could have picked it up in the Apple store in Ottawa…….


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