I have posted two giant calendar pages on the wall in my living room, to help keep me organized  and on track.  Every step of the way, for July and August, I note on these pages.  Things like picking up a change of address form for the post office here are on those enormous pages.

We are in countdown mode.  We close escrow, aka close the deal, complete the purchase, on the mobile home on Friday, July 29th.  We are targeting the move during the first part of the following week.  Rush, rush, rush!  That’s because we have tickets to fly back to Ontario on Wednesday, August 24th,  Ideally, we would like to be completely moved in and settled before we leave.  We plan on taking Lacey to PetsMart for a couple of play dates in the next couple of weeks, so she’ll be familiar with it when we leave her there for the 8 days we are in Canada.  The girls that took care of the cats last time are okay with driving to our new home, so the cats will be fine, and Lacey will be doing her favorite thing, which is playing with other dogs!

Tomorrow morning, we have an estimator coming to gather measurements and counts, so we can get an approximate idea of how much this move is going to cost us!  We had originally hoped to have the packing done for us, but that may turn out to be prohibitively expensive.  We were told that a complete breakdown of costs would be available to us on Monday, so we can only second guess ourselves until then.

The mover we have contacted for the estimate was recommended by several of our neighbors.  They are based in Menlo Park, a fashionable neighborhood about twenty minutes north of here.  For that matter, many areas between here and San Francisco are ‘well heeled’, so to speak.  I guess living in this state comes with certain expectations of style and grandeur, and the ability to afford it!

At the moment, we live in an area that has one of the most exclusive fashion parks, within its borders.  Santana Row has many of the high end (as in dollar value) brands on its premises.  Prada, Gucci, Tiffany and Burberry, also live in the local mall across the street from Santana Row, making those of us less fashionable folks feel crowded out.  There is also a large Tesla dealer on the ground floor, for your shopping pleasure!

The mall also hosts a huge Nordstrom store, which is crowded with well-to-do locals on weekends.  Teenaged princesses, daughters of the dozens of Chinese million and billionaires of high tech hang out at the booths of the  cosmetics counters, giggling and painting their faces with lipsticks priced at over a hundred dollars per tube, while spraying themselves with eau du toilette priced at several hundred dollars per ounce!

Sometimes, it is hard to remember that the terribly chi-chi Nordstrom’s is owned by nice,  sensible, middle-class Macy’s!



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