Is this it?

Is today the day?  Shouldn’t there be an upbeat soundtrack, or a marching band?  I guess fireworks are out, given that this is the FIFTH year of the drought, and half the state of California is already singed….

We were all set to view the garage unit at Oakcrest on Saturday morning, and quite hopeful that this was THE ONE.  Louise was warning  me that the yard in Oakcrest was not what we had hoped, so I was feeling down.  Then, out of the blue comes this unit in Sunnyvale’s high end park,  Plaza del Rey,  1700 square feet plus, with a comparatively huge yard.

Fast message from Louise:  “It’s beautiful, big, awesome yard, well priced……it’s gonna go quick!”

Say no more.  How about this afternoon?  Glenn is on his way to get me, and yes, we’re ready to jump.

We obediently got in Louise’s car.  Once we were underway, she casually mentioned that we would be seeing TWO homes this afternoon.  Apparently, an even newer, and more amazing listing came on the market, at 4pm this afternoon!

My head is spinning.  Trying to keep all these homes straight in my mind is nigh on impossible.  It doesn’t help that many of them are the exact same floor plan:  Silvercrest, the manufacturer, and the plan name is Delaware.  The only notable differences are the ages of the units, and whether or not the plan was ‘stretched’ from a standard 25 foot width to a 30 foot.

The unit that we initially went to see was nice, but paled in comparison to the newcomer.  Yes, they were both Delaware, but the newcomer was stretched to the maximum 30 foot width.  It’s really only noticeable when you view one right after the other, as we did. Plus, the newbie already had a fully fenced yard, albeit smaller than my favorite garage unit.

While we were viewing the yard of the newest unit, we had some interactions with the neighbors.  The lady across the street was out on her porch, playing a harmonica.  She called over to me, and said that she really liked my dress.  The fellow next door was out, sorting things on his driveway.  He asked me if we were buying the home, and I said that we were thinking about it.  He asked if we had kids, and when I said that our kids were old and long gone from the nest, he nodded and smiled.  The harmonica lady said that she wanted my dress, and I laughed and thanked her once again.  The next door neighbor introduced himself as Gabe at that point, and said that it was always nice to have good neighbors.  I couldn’t agree more!

In all the times we have been at the garage unit, we have never seen any of the neighbors.  Having had such a warm reception at the other unit, I can only hope for this, should we buy that unit.

If it comes down to dollars and cents (and doesn’t it always?), the garage unit is over forty thousand dollars less in asking price.  However, since the garage unit has been on the market for several months, we could probably offer considerably less than the asking price of $207,700.  The owner, a single man about our age, is anxious to move on, buy a motorhome, and travel around the country.  How low could we go?  I’d be guessing, but $200,000 would be easy, but I don’t know if much lower would be possible.  I’d have to consult our agent.Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.38.03 PM.png

Personally, I have always loved the garage unit.  Love the fancy fixings in the kitchen and laundry room, love the yard with its raised garden bed that I can sit on to weed or harvest, love the fact that it is laminate flooring throughout!  It is about the same size as the house we are renting now, but SO much nicer, as well as cheaper than the rent we are paying now!

Of course, there is always something to be said in favor of a much larger unit!Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.32.42 PM.png


One thought on “Is this it?

  1. Both look nice, but the 2nd house is a teeny tiny bit nicer! Gail

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