TOO many choices!

Now that the real estate market here is running hot and heavy, the number of properties for anyone to look at has grown exponentially.  The prices are following suit, but luckily in the mobile home market, they are still far less than the single homes.

Once again, the home that we liked best yesterday in our day of searching, is likely unattainable.  Why is it that we are mired in such rotten luck/circumstances?  We FINALLY find a home that we both agree is THE one, and when we announce it to our realtor, she pales.

“I just heard back from the listing agent.  We have a problem.  The homeowner has just been presented with a firm full priced offer, and it is very favorable to him.”

Details please.  This is a 1500 square foot 3 bed 2 bath unit, built in 2000.  It DOES have a couple of issues that a purchaser would normally require a vendor to address/fix.  For example, there is a ‘soft spot’ on the front porch that could possibly indicate termite damage, but an inspection would turn that up.  Also, the current state of the yard is completely overrun with weeds, which should be cleared at the owner’s expense.

The owner of the home died recently, so his estate is selling the home.  The aforementioned offer, written up by the young listing agent, is a ‘free and clear’ offer that she feels would enable the owner/estate to just walk away, free and clear.  The vendor/estate is NOT  willing to entertain any offer that would require him to do any inspections, repairs or amendments to the property.

HANG ON!  Our agent has many, many years experience in this market, and knows full well that the LAW requires a vendor to ‘do a section 11’:   an inspection of the property for safety AND termites.  The buyer can be asked to pay for the termite portion of the inspection, but the rest falls on the vendor LEGALLY.  As well, the main provider of mortgages on mobile homes WILL NOT agree to mortgage a home that has NOT been inspected.  Once cannot sell a property in the state of California without these items addressed!   Apparently the young lady that is the vendor’s agent skipped that day of the real estate course, because she is insisting that the vendor is NOT required to do any of these things, if the buyer waives these points in his offer.

So that property is in limbo until those issues are cleared.  IF the vendor accepts the offer from the aforementioned buyer, that blocks us out.  BUT with mobile homes, there is yet another hoop to jump through:  PARK APPROVAL.  That’s what prevented us from getting the first unit we wanted, in Millpond.  Our dog, Lacey was just a wee bit too big to suit the law firm that owns the park.  Guess who owns this park, Plaza del Rey, that we’re looking at now?  The same law firm that owns almost all of the nicer parks in the area.  Now that we have her licensed as my service dog, we’re good to go, since we got a letter from said law firm telling us that everything else about us was to their approval.

This feels like a long running soap opera, one you really want to turn off because it upsets you SO much, it’s really not worth watching, but…….




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