Choices, choices!

THESE are the mobile’s currently on the market in our preferred area.  Most charge a space rent, over and above the cost of the mortgage, of $700 -$1000.


This last one has a painfully high space rent of $1700, because it has an attached garage!  It is also the unit I like the most, with a beautifully redone kitchen and laundry room, with lots of Corian counters.  But it’s that $1700 every month that is holding us back!  It has a sweet yard that would keep the dog happy, and a single car garage that would keep all of Glenn’s beloved tools safe and sound, but… all comes down to the almighty dollar!  .  We agree on this, but I have it on reasonable authority that ALL of the space rents in the area are going to go up to $1700 very soon, sue to new ownership of the park!  He also feels that the kitchen is not big enough for us both to work in it simultaneously, which I’m not completely in agreement on.

Our agent Louise is keeping an eye on listings as they come out.  She knows that our main requirements are yard space, storage space and kitchen updates.  She said that there is a new garage unit that is still on the ‘coming soon’ list, but no other details yet.

As our annual lease renewal date draws ever nearer, we are living on tenterhooks, fearing what may be an inevitable rent increase.  There are several repairs that desperately NEED to made to this house, and I know that once done, the costs will inevitably be passed on to us.  The irrigation system in the yard is painfully old, and the individual tap heads have been chewed by squirrels.  As a result, when it turns on, water shoots in random  directions, usually nowhere near where it is needed!  And guess who pays the water bills, for this useless, misdirected gush….



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