Scared myself!

When the big black limousine pulled away from the curb, I resolved to keep busy and fill my days with long neglected chores.  This is his first trip to China this year, and we knew it was coming, but we lived in hope that he could manage to nudge it off once again.  Realistically, I knew that as his project neared completion, he’d have to go and watch the first churn of the assembly line.  Apple seems to like having the designers on hand to intercept any issues as they develop, and fix the problems before they become PROBLEMS.

We had spent the weekend visiting various mobile homes in our target areas.  Due to the proximity to Cupertino, and Apple’s spaceship campus, Sunnyvale is our preferred location.  This would make his commute fifteen to twenty minutes, but those estimates don’t take traffic into account.  Oh well, in this crazy area we share with ten million others, traffic is the reality.  Get over it, we tell each other.  It could be worse:  we could have succeeded in getting the mobile in Millpond, which would have given us a forty minute commute WITHOUT traffic factored in.  This is what I console myself with, when I have momentary mourning for that unit.

Amazingly enough, we found the PERFECT HOME.  I was so excited!  Seventeen hundred square feet, teak solid surface floors, gas stove, a nice little yard for the critters……  I’m sold!  Our agent was beaming, sharpening her pencil, and ….. the listing agent calls.  A firm offer was accepted LAST NIGHT!  And just like that, it was here, and now it is gone.

Our agent called me Monday morning to tell me that there is a rumored living, a garage unit, coming within a couple of weeks.  Meanwhile, we can’t do anything at this point, since Glenn is in China, and I have no ability to make an offer.  I don’t have a SSN, I have an ITIN.  I am a fully dependent Canadian spouse of an H1B VISA holding Apple employee.

The mall just down the street has turned into a monolith.  I had to make a return at Talbots, so I figured that this would be easy to navigate.  Even though this mall has a bad history of confusing me, with all of its corridors, twists and turns, I convinced myself I’d have no problem.  Well…..WRONG.  Once again, it was Macy’s that was my biggest challenge, only this time it was the Men’s/Housewares half.  My usual challenge is the Ladies half of the store, at the far, and I do mean F A R end of the mall.  Usually, I get caught in the endless loop of clothes, cosmetics, purses, shoes, and jewelry.  I just can’t keep it all straight in my mind, remembering which section is nearest the escalator, which has the elevator, etc.

Heading to Westgate Valleyfair mall after dropping off the package at FedEx, I chose to park at Macy’s Housewares.  I needed to look for a new beater for my Kitchen Aid mixer, since my old one broke in half.  It was plastic, and had served a lot of years, but still I expected better!  No luck on the beater, so I headed out into the mall towards Talbots.  At least I THOUGHT I was heading in the right direction, but no, not any more!  How they can take a simple design for a mall, like one long corridor, and convolute it so that familiar stores are  turned and squished into small cubicles, while others have more space than stock!  I eventually found what I was looking for, and headed back into Macy’s.  And therein lies the problem:  I didn’t realize that I had gone up a level on my way to Talbot’s.  That unconscious change of elevation is courtesy of a series of graded ramps and corridors.  I believe that they were specifically designed and installed in a community effort to confuse me.

After many twists and turns through Mens Wear, my inability to find my way out was causing me mild anxiety.  However, I was finally able to locate a sales clerk, who was very obliging and escorted me to the escalator AND even went down with me.  I must have been starting to look a bit panicky, as good customer service doesn’t normally require such hand holding.  The truth was that I was getting perilously close to tears!

What scare me most is that I cannot seem to remember routes, like I couldn’t remember the steps in hyperlinking files on the computer at the Food Bank.  At one point, I WAS able to remember these computer programs, just like I was able to remember how to manage in stores.  After all my years of working in retail, you’d think that this would be ingrained!  Is this just one more thing that MS has snatched away from me?

Now, however, I’m falling asleep with my computer on my lap.  I think this is my cue to go to bed.  Rose has been sitting on the top of the cat tree glowering at me for the past hour, and Lacey is firmly attached to the side of my chair.



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