With all the heartache and hassles we’ve had with trying to buy a mobile/manufactured home, you’d think that we’d be smart enough to quit while we’re ahead!  But slowly, one step at a time, we’ve figured out how to get WHAT we want, and WHERE we want it.

We now have a real estate agent that is focussed on US, and helping us get the home we want.  Turns out that the last one, Connie, was great until we were rejected by BSM, the lawyers that own most of the parks.  By the time we figured out that we had the right to protest the  ruling, Connie had already gone ahead and sold the unit we wanted to the next people in line!  Not really out for us, but out to ensure that SHE would get the sale to a customer of HERS!

Now, I know, I can be painfully naive at times, but she seemed like she cared, REALLY cared, and wanted to help us.  Perhaps I just find it easier to trust until I have a good reason not to!  I guess I’m there now.

Today, we went and saw a couple of garage units, one a single car, the second a double.  The single car garage unit also had a separate driveway, meaning the your car wouldn’t have to be stored in the garage, so it could safely be Glenn’s workshop and not car storage! The house itself was gorgeous, with Corian counters, all new appliances and custom cupboards with built in pull-outs.  There was even a wine fridge!  It was a bit smaller than we wanted, but was well laid out. It was priced at an amazing $207,000.

The double garage unit was a wee bit bigger, but wasn’t as nicely updated.  It did have granite kitchen counters, but Glenn found some evidence of water leaks and resultant mold.  The landscaping showed obvious signs of neglect, perhaps because it has been vacant for quite some time.  On top of that, it was a higher price, at $229,000.

These units were in Sunnyvale, a neighboring city to Santa Clara.  I’ve never really looked at homes here, because it is closer to Cupertino, where all the big tech companies are.  The prices of single homes here are generally closer to 1.5 million dollars and up, but it seems to not affect the mobiles prices!  Unfortunately there are NO mobile homes in Santa Clara anymore.  The vast majority of them are in San Jose, so we’ve been watching the mobile homes there as well,  as they become available.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.40.16 PMThis home is in San Jose, in one of the very few gated parks!  We saw this one come on the market last week, and hurriedly contacted one of the agents associated with the listing.  After much phone tag, and misspelled email addresses, we finally got through.  We were scheduled to see it on Friday afternoon at 3pm.

Then a message came saying that the unit was SOLD, or in local-speak, ‘pending sale’.  No further viewings were scheduled:  it was a done deal.  Or so we thought….  The agent we met today, Louise, lives in this exclusive park, so was the first to find out that the sale fell through.  Apparently, the potential buyer balked at the inspector’s report.  The home needs a new roof, among other issues.  The roof would be $8000, but the buyer didn’t even want to negotiate.  So, now it is back on the market.

We are very interested in this unit!  Though it doesn’t have a garage, it has a huge yard, with more than enough space for a sizable shed, to hold Glenn’s beloved table saw and the rest of his power tools.  Louise now knows of our interest, so will keep us posted on how things go concerning improvements or repairs that the homeowner decides to do himself, before re-listing.

The home itself is a good size as well, four bedrooms, two baths, and over 1600 square feet.  Best of all, it is NOT a BSM park!  Even though I now have Lacey registered as my assistance dog, I really don’t want the hassle of dealing with these narrow minded people, ones that just don’t understand that furry family members are just that:  family members!


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