Rain continues, but WHO can complain?

A surprise came in the mail today:  it was a summons demanding that I serve as a juror in an unspecified trial.  OK, sure, no problem, at least from my perspective.  Closer inspection of this officious form indicates that “You must be an American citizen.”  

jury duty badge

Uh oh, there goes Beulah the buzzer!  I am CANADIAN, inside outside upside down!  Technically, we are both still VISITORS, at least until Glenn gets his green card, which is in process, thanks to Apple.  Glenn often jokes that we are “visitors in two countries”, which I’m afraid is sad but true!  As for me, I’m still  a “fully dependent” spouse, a kept woman.

On another front, we spent last Sunday, driving around in the gloomy grayness of a rainy winter day, visiting the occasional open house, and ruling out anything that looked sketchy.  It was a depressing day all around, since the nicest listings that were at the top of our price target were either previously sold, or the agent told us that they were expected to sell for 10 to 20% above asking price.  Even the mobile homes had been picked through, so that the one that was at the top of our list was already sold.

The only two open houses we ended up going to were:   MY dream little house in Santa Clara, priced at $825,000, for a 1000 square foot bungalow, built in 1921, on Maria Street; and a slightly larger bungalow in San Jose, 1200 square feet, on Bieber Drive, priced at $699,900, but predicted to go for a significantly higher amount.  Two steps forward, nineteen steps back.

When I was on my way into the Santa Clara Senior’s Gym today, I noticed a new sign in the downtown area, aka The Quad.  It was on a construction site, owned by Silicon Sage, a local design/build company.  I had previously expected it to be yet ANOTHER rental apartment building, but much to my surprise, it is to be CONDOMINIUM APARTMENTS, right there in my beloved old town square that I have long yearned to live in!

Santa Clara is a kind, friendly old-fashioned part of silicon valley, with tiny old homes often 800 square feet to less, built in the original craftsman style.  Many of these homes are still owned by the original owners or their direct descendants, having been built in the early to mid 1900’s.  Many have already been deemed to have historical status, making them tax havens!  I have long aspired to acquire one of these adorable little homes, but in the two years we have lived here, we have seen their values shoot from $500,000 to  a million dollars.




2 thoughts on “Rain continues, but WHO can complain?

  1. Hi Leann,
    I have shared such similar situations as you, living here in the good ol’ USofA.
    I came to NJ on a visa that didn’t allow me to work for at least one year. It was fine with me, as I had two young children and a third on the way.
    Try getting a driver’s license with no SS #! That took s great deal of explaining.

    I seemed to get more jury summonses when I could check off the box that said I wasn’t an American citizen. We acquired our American citizenship before our eldest son turned 18. We discovered that all services he received as a disabled person would no longer be available, and so the whole family acquired US citizenship.

    I still think of myself as Canadian, first and foremost. We hope to move back home when we retire. I hope that happens!

    We have visited California numerous times. I would love to live there, but my husband’s company is headquartered in NJ. I hope you find a nice little dream home soon. It’s such a beautiful area.

    I’m enjoying your blogs. Keep them coming!!


    1. I might be way off, but I have an idea that you are the former Janet Carswell, former student of Central Public School in Windsor. If so, I remember you well. If not, please forgive my intrusion.
      Also, you mentioned that you have a son with a disability. Both of my boys have disabilities, each of a different sort, but I can understand you taking every option you had to ensure they get the he help they needed!

      I’m very glad that you take the time to read my blog. It started as a way to say sane when we moved far from friends and family, and has been a treasured comfort for me ever since.

      ……Leann Holton Henshaw


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