Not much to discuss right now, but I figured that my little tidbits of gossip were better than the dead air of not knowing.  The couple that stepped in as soon as we were excluded from the mobile home purchase are STILL waiting to hear back about their approval….or not!  They had requested an appointment with the park manager last week, so that happened ten days ago.  No one seems to have any information concerning their proposed purchase, so we wait, not knowing whether their deal is dead or not.  IF it is…..

We will try again, since we are now armed with the official paperwork from Lacey being declared to be my Service Dog, by the ADA.  Under the law, no landlord can refuse tenancy to a person that requires the presence of a service dog, similarly the person’s service dog cannot be refused tenancy.  Since the written report regarding our tenancy application clearly stated that it was the dog that caused them to refuse our application, and that is no longer allowed, we SHOULD be approved, when we reapply.

Connie has warned us that usually being refused tenancy once means that it will simply be refused again and again.  Since the owners of the park that refused us the first time are all members of a law firm, I expect they will be digging through the statutes to find a loophole.  IF a loophole can be found, I expect that they would be the ones that would find it!  And these folks would not hesitate to use that loophole, and would delight in pointing it out to me, and laughing in my face.  Well, at least they WOULD, if there was ever any face to face contact!

This group likes to hide behind the annonimity of their abbreviated names:  BSM.  You can imagine what a good time I’ve had in the past few weeks, assigning different adjectives to those three letters:  Big Stinky Mouth, Butt Scratching Moron, Bulbous Small Men.  But I digress.  In reality, it stands for Brandenburg, Steadler, Moore.  They own over 60% of the parks here in California, and the same rules apply to all of them.

I suspect that the subject matter of the meeting that the other purchasers had with park managers was something to do with these arbitrary rules.  We’ll not likely ever know, but I expect that we’ll hear one way or another about whether or not we’d be able to take another shot at this unit that was so perfect for us.

IF we’re not to be able to have another chance at it, we’ve done some more investigating about our other options.  We have been approved for a 700,000 mortgage with a downpayment of just 10%, which is an accomplishment given the selling prices down here!    In the smaller city in which we live, Santa Clara, there are just 3 listings below a million dollars.  Just east of us is San Jose, a much larger city of nearly a million people.  There,  prices range from 300,000 to over 20 million, with 30% of the available properties priced over 1 million.  Needless to say, these are NOT the properties that we’re looking at!

I have loved looking at properties ever since I got my real estate sales license, back in 1981. With the advent of the internet, house shopping requires SO little effort, but a pretty picture cannot tell you how the home makes you feel.  Staging can make any home desirable, but it doesn’t let the home speak to the buyer.  In my books, this is the ONLY way to choose a home!


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