I forgot to mention that she is registered

……as a certified Emotional Assistance Dog!  Under the rules outlined by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), Lacey provides me with the emotional support that I need in order to allow Glenn to travel for work, like going to China periodically.  I will still miss him like crazy, but I’ll not be as paranoid about every little sound when I’m alone at night!

No, I’m not kidding.  We purposely chose her as a dog that would allow me to sleep at night, despite not having a burglar alarm.  Currently living in a rental property means that we are not allowed to alter the property  by installing an alarm.  Lacey’s bark is quite stringent, which will hopefully deter anyone considering entering uninvited.

Crimes like break-ins are on the rise down here, undoubtedly due to increasing frustration amongst the working class residents that have lived here their whole lives.  As real estate prices here escalate to ridiculous levels, fewer and fewer people can afford to buy homes for their families.  As purchase prices go up, so do rents, normally the more affordable option.

Living here in California, the land of perpetual summer, is wonderful, as long as you can afford it!  Fresh fruit and vegetables are all around you here, meaning that the prices we pay for this bounty don’t include outrageous transportation costs.  So most of our food here is quite affordable.  This is good news, assuming that you have a fridge to store it in, and a stove to cook it on.  But since a significant part of the population here is living below the poverty line, the lack of those appliances is the least of their worries!

Hundreds of adults AND children are homeless, or living in their vehicles.  Cars, trucks, motor homes old and new, can be seen lining residential streets, up and down the Bay area.  Since our weather is so kind and gentle, many homeless also choose to camp in parks, or along nicely landscaped expressway embankments.  Every once in a while, the police decide to crack down on these camping collaboratives, and give notice that the party is over.  Then, a front loader moves in to de-camp the campers.

Tomorrow, we are supposed to meet with Connie to view a new unit, in a different park.  I look forward to showing her the certificate specifying Lacey’s credentials.  I don’t expect her to be able to do anything to alter the decision from Mill Pond park, since they are a group of lawyers who set many of these parks up, and instituted the rules as they preferred.  The difference is that with this registration in place, I have the ADA behind me, specifying that we cannot be discriminated against for the reason they specified.  I’m not gloating, I’m just trying to ensure that we can buy the home WE want, and live in the area we choose.



3 thoughts on “I forgot to mention that she is registered

  1. Our agent is now warning us that the ’emotional’ is insufficient, so I got my doc to give me a note about her being a ‘physical assistance dog’. Even at that, we’ll still be battling. All in aid of saving a thousand dollars a month on living costs!

    I’m just getting soo tired of this…….


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