This is where we have made reservations, for our 2 night stay in Napa, California.  We have already made reservations on the “Wine Train”, which leaves from Napa at 5pm, on Saturday May 14th.

This is the closest we could arrange to our 35th anniversary, on Monday May 16th.  Napa is an extremely popular destination for folks in the Bay area, so finding an available room for TWO nights in just two months time has been challenging.

With all the tensions of trying to buy the home in Mill Pond, the whole anniversary thing had completely slipped our minds!  We knew that it was coming up, but we didn’t realize it was on our doorstep.  The imminence became obvious once Glenn started to plan his next trip to China, as well as his upcoming sleep study.

Sleep study?  Yes, his dentist had him wear a sleep monitor one night last week, only to discover that his heart rate vacillated wildly during the night, from very low to very high.  This caused alarm bells for the dentist, who contacted his GP.  From there, a referral was made to a specialist, who is arranging an overnight stay for him, complete with all sorts of monitors, hooked up to everything he owns.

Meanwhile, we are still awaiting the verdict from the mobile home park management, as to whether or not we are deemed acceptable for residency.  The big issue is that Lacey is a couple inches too tall, and a couple pounds too heavy, to fit within their restrictions.  IMG_1875The determination can take up to fifteen days to come through, but we’ve decided WHATEVER.  IF we get accepted, terrific.  If not, oh well.  We can happily stay right here, where we are loved and accepted by our neighbors, even though we are renters.  Yes, we are paying a ridiculously huge rent, especially for an older home with ancient rugs, appliances, and fixtures, but moving to yet another rental doesn’t make fiduciary sense to us.  IMG_1980

We are temporarily on tenterhooks, even though this is probably not the best thing for Glenn’s current state of well being.  However, until something changes, re our residency status, we’ll be fretting.  We can TELL ourselves that it really doesn’t matter one way or another, but it does.  Who can honestly say that it doesn’t matter whether or not they can move to a newer and larger home, kitted out in a custom fashion with solid surface floors, brand new appliances, huge Trex deck all down one side overlooking the yard and garden,  and freshly painted walls, all the while saving a thousand dollars per month?


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