Portuguese Beans

A very dear friend of mine that also volunteers at the seniors’ gym in Santa Clara shared a much loved family recipe with me.


3 cups pinto beans

3 or 4 bay leaves

….cover beans and bay leaves in a pot  with an inch of water and cook until half way tender.

ham bone and scraps….. add to bean pot

when beans are nearly done, and sauce:

saute:   a chopped yellow onion, 2 cloves garlic minced, 2 TB vinegar, 1/3C brown sugar,

2 TB cumin, dash cinnamon, 15oz can tomato sauce

Simmer on low heat.

I plan to make a batch of these beans  to complement the planned bbq for Evan and Claire’s rehearsal dinner,  to be held in their back yard,  next August.  The menu will include all sorts of goodies, like burgers, sausage, potato salad.

When I was back in Ontario a couple of weeks ago to babysit Willa, Claire announced that she was putting me in charge of the rehearsal dinner in their backyard!  Since I managed to arrange a nice one for Ryan and Caroline’s wedding, this one would be something the same, but not!  Think casual, fun, low key and lots of little kids.  Paper plates, paper towels, plastic cutlery, lawn chairs, and bubble blowing.  The theme is relaxed, fun, and NO stress allowed!



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