So that’s the end of that pipe dream.  We went and met the residents manager in charge of new potential residents, and we were completely underwhelmed.  After having us sign numerous sheets of meaningless paper, Georgia gave us a page entitled “The Official Standards and Rules for the residents of Mill Pond Park”.   We thanked her, and bid her a respectful farewell.

We came straight home, and sat down to plod through this surfeit of paperwork.  It didn’t take long for Glenn to discover the reason why this is just NOT going to work.

ALL Residents are restricted to ONE pet ONLY, and if a dog, it must weight no more than 20 pounds.  As well, residents are NOT allowed to walk or play with said dog within the property known as Mill Pond Mobile Home park.  

So that settles that.  Bye-bye affordable home ownership in the real estate ruckus of Silicon Valley.  Farewell to my dream of finally having a nicely updated kitchen after many years of making-do with old dilapidated yesteryear equipment.  But the price of this honor turned out to be far more than we would pay:  we would not be able to bring our furry family members with us!

We messaged Connie about this depressing discovery, and her response was to say that she knew of other residents that had bigger dogs, but they didn’t walk them in the park.

“Why would you want to do that anyway?”

Clearly, we aren’t on the same page as Connie.

Since we have already started the process of residency approval, we will let it run its course.  This means that these folks will have the self-appointed satisfaction of turning us down.  We have already read the reviews on Yelp by several other potential residents, and they were equally discouraged, AND disgusted. Were they simply embittered by the eventual rejection, or had they, like us, started into this with the highest of hopes and tentative trust?

We will likely never know.





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