There may be a way…

Just because I think we’ve made a decision about the manufactured home doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s written in ink!

Yesterday, Glenn sent a note to Connie saying that we are NOT feeling good about the inspection report, as well as the ‘company’s response to it.   Both the inspector and Connie agree that there is evidence of termite damage, but this is where they disagree.  HE says that she, as agent for the manufacturer and vendor, refused the standard treatment for termite infestations, whereas he recommended it.

Most buildings in California are ‘tented and bombed‘ to kill termites in situ, generally prior to a new owner moving in.  This involves sealing the entire building in a gigantic airtight orange tent, the setting off little ‘bombs’ of bug killer, that have been located throughout the house, then letting it sit for a few days.  This leaves behind a slight orange scent, and the confidence of knowing the home is termite free.  We have seen this done wth homes that have changed hands on this street, so are somewhat knowledgeable about the process.  Termites are a common pest in these perpetually warm climates, since there is seldom a severe enough frost to kill them off, especially since they are generally well ensconced in the warmth of a wooden structure.

He also mentioned that the increase in the loan rate due to the age of the unit had an impact on our ability to afford this purchase, as well as miscellaneous charges levied by the financial institution.  We dusted our hands off, and assumed that this note would be the end of the discussion.

Connie’s reaction to our note was almost instantaneous.  After a protracted conversation , we are feeling somewhat more mollified.  Alliance, the vendor/distributor of these homes, is apparently quite stalwart about ensuring the quality and condition of the homes.  According to Connie, they will use the utmost of diligence to ensure that the termites are eradicated, and tenting/bombing  will most certainly be done prior to them even starting the required renovations.

Concerning the financial ramifications put forward by the loan agency, Connie told us that she would endeavor to find a company with a more favorable proposal.  As of noon Monday, I haven’t heard back from her, but Glenn is most anxious to hear of what she has found.  Much to my surprise, HE is the one most anxious for this transaction to happen, even though it will require him to cash most of his beloved Apple stock to pay for it!  It would net us a substantial savings in our monthly living costs of nearly a thousand dollars,  but that may not be his main motivation.  Being rid of this disgusting ancient carpet that he has had to scrub on his hands and knees, as well as the cranky old plumbing and gnarly old almond kitchen appliances, are what makes him grind his teeth!

When it’s not your own house, you can’t fix it yourself, even if you would be happy to do so!





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