NOW comes the tough part: the decision!

We went and saw 2 units today, and are now in a quandry,

Much to my surprise, I fell in LOVE with the 2 bedroom unit in Mill Pond!

The other one, a bigger 4 bedroom in Chateau Lasalle with a larger yard, didn’t do it for me at all

The 2 bed 2 bath needs a complete update.  It was owned by 2 seniors, in their 90’s.  BUT it was all open concept, had huge sliding doors (brand new), and a massive deck down one side of the unit.  It is 1700 sq ft, and has a small side yard that the deck overlooks.  The deck material all needs to be replaced.  If we took it as is it could be had for  150,000.  BUT if we wanted ‘the company’ to do the updates, it would be 200,000.

IF we were 30 years younger, we’d take it as is, and do the fixes at our own speed.  BUT, we’re old.  We told Connie to give us the all-in price.

We filled out the financing application, and we’ll hear from her in a few days.  This does NOT mean we’ve made a definite decision yet.  We’re still being wimps, and arguing with ourselves.

We COULD take the EASY way out, and just stay here in the rental unit, in Santa Clara, that is just a 20 minute drive to work for Glenn.  The seniors gym that I volunteer at is nearby, just a couple of kilometers down the road.  The food bank is distant, several kilometers away, in San Jose.  There is another branch of the food bank just around the corner from Mill Pond, so I could possibly transfer there, if I chose.  ALL of the branches of the food bank are in San Jose, so could even stay at the same branch that I am with now.

The rental home is smaller, at 1400 sq ft, so not small.  We definitely were not looking for a larger place, but we don’t mind this feature.  Since the other unit is just two bedrooms, we’re losing space on that front.  Where the extra square footage shows up is in the great room, or living room.  That is definitely a bonus, since this very old fashioned home has tiny main rooms!  The kitchen is NOT roomier, but it is better laid out than the one here.

The rental has ceramic tile counters in the kitchen, which I HATE.  At the moment, so does the new home.  That was on the top of the list of required fixes!  I originally wanted quartz, but as the reno numbers climb, I will settle for Formica.  Connie suggested that she could get me a really good deal on granite, but thanks, NO.  All new appliances will be installed, since the ones that were there were cream colored.  I made a special request for a gas cooktop with a filter fan that slides down into the counter when not in use.

Keep in mind that this is a place that we haven’t even decided for certain to buy ….. yet.

From the time I started looking around, my heart was saying yes.  Luckily, my husband cannot hear my heart, but there are still disadvantages that we have not rationalized yet.  Connie mentioned that she had told the park management that we had ONE DOG, and that’s it.  Those are the rules.  ONE SMALL DOG.  Nothing else.  So who will notice 5 indoor cats?  That doesn’t even consider the collection of wild birds that I like to feed at my collection of bird feeders….




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