Super Bowl 50 is nearly here!

Santa Clara is bracing for the deluge of sports fans from all around the world, the likes of which has never been seen before around here.  The three local airports, SFO, San Jose, and Oakland,  have all  been primed for over a thousand small jets, scheduled to arrive between now and next weekend’s game.  Roads will start being closed, and all forms of mass transit are running more trains, busses and taxis.  The entire area around the piers in San Francisco is restricted, with no private vehicles allowed, to allow for the plethora of mass transit.

For the average citizens that call the Bay area home, things as simple as getting to and from work is going to be even more difficult and tedious next week.  The usual one hour commute from here to San Francisco will double, or more.  Bus passes are temporarily suspended, the various ride sharing companies that have popped up in the past few months are mostly already spoken for.

Over a million additional bodies are moving in to absolutely every motel, hotel and campsite in the Bay area.  Many individual homeowners are capitalizing on the zero vacancy rates, and are renting rooms for the week to anyone that didn’t plan ahead and get their reservations all set.  Considering that a single bedroom in a downtown San Francisco apartment commands $2000 per month, you can imagine what the price is for a week during this crazy time would be!

One of the main roads that I normally take to get to the Second Harvest Food bank, on North First Avenue in downtown San Jose is to be closed for the week.  I’m sure that my GPS can find me a different route, but do I really want to share the already insane roads here with another million people?  Plus, those million won’t have a clue as to how to negotiate this web of highways and interchanges.  Hopefully, most of them will be sufficiently intimidated, and will use mass transit instead of trying to manage on their own.  Heaven knows we’ve got enough variety in these modalities!

If you’re sports minded, and want to tune into this epic game, know that you are seeing our home of the past two years.  Santa Clara is a wonderful little city, with a population of only one hundred and twenty-thousand.  Next door, Big brother San Jose has a million, but the super tech center of Cupertino has little more than 50,000.  There are a couple dozen other cities here, but I’m not certain of their individual populations.  Suffice it to say that the entire Bay area is home to 7.4 million.

This epic game is the showdown between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.  The half time show will feature Cold Play, plus a feature on best ever Super Bowl ads.  Preparations have been underway for over a year.  I can just imagine the collective sigh of relief in ten days, when it is all over and done with.  Hopefully, the influx of money brought by this deluge of visitors will sufficiently offset the billion that it has cost us!


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