As luck should have it

I honestly didn’t plan this.

PetsMart was the only one that had the refills for Lacey’s favorite toy.  So, there I was, when a woman carrying a load of blankets reached the door before me.  Her eyes were moist and red from crying, as she sniffled her way into the store.  I know, I should have known better, but I had to ask.

“Are you okay?”

As it turned out, the load of blankets contained a kitten, quivering from either fear or cold, or both.  It is unseasonably cold of late, so don’t sneer about cold in California, please!

She had acquired him as a gift for her daughter in September, at a PetsMart store further south of us, in Mercado California.  He was neutered, chipped, and complete with all of his baby shots.  At 3 months of age, he was irresistibly adorable.  On impulse, and naively assuming that it would work out fine, she adopted him, for the paltry sum of $100.  He was returnable within two months, should things not work out.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, she lost track of time.  The deadline for returning the kitten was mid November.  In a dark twist of fate, the landlord had discovered the four legged furry tenant in Sonya’s apartment somehow.  The verdict was clear.  OUT was the only direction that this orange fellow was headed.

Despite pleas for compassion, Christmas spirit, and humanity, Jessy the six month old kitten, had to go.  With torrents of tears, her daughter loosened her hold on her pet, as her mother wrapped him in blankets against the chill.

She promised her daughter that she would get her a kitty just as soon as they could buy their own home.  Sadly, in the meantime, Jessy had to leave.

So, yes, I was the white knight.  I agreed to take him, and give him a loving home.  I even suggested that she and her daughter could come and visit him during the Christmas holidays, just to be sure that he was alive and well.  I gave her my phone number, and she gave me hers.

Just to be sure that he was healthy and flea-free, I stopped at the vet’s office for a quick check up.  He is well, clean of bugs, and unusually large for his age.  The vet verified his age of six months by looking at his teeth, and with a shake of his head, said that Jessy was going to be a BIG boy.  I guess that this means that our Big Boy Alfie is going to have some competition!

Meanwhile, Jessy has taken up residence in the guest room, complete with a cat box, food and water.  I can just imagine what his reaction will be tomorrow morning, when the big window shows the sun shining on our back garden, with bird feeders, bird bath, and lots of squirrels, feathered friends, and both feline and canine siblings!


5 thoughts on “As luck should have it

  1. She is SO, SO LUCKY she ran into you!! Your heart is beyond compare when it comes to felines Leann. You are an angel in disguise, you know that right? How many 4 legged friends do you have now?

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  2. Well, we brought 2 feline dinosaurs and one middle aged guy cool cat, when we moved down here. We have adopted one fellow several months ago, but Jesse was unplanned, to put it mildly. I know, I sound like I’m talking about a pregnancy! Believe it or not, I am still seriously considering giving to my buddy Manny, who lives in San Jose closer to the mountains. He already has quite a zoo of his own, but everyone is loved and cared for.


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