The ‘pups’

Guess who is laying on the floor behind me, snoring softly? Yes, Peter is still here! H continues to take double anti-inflammatory meds, and occasionally needs a pain killer, but otherwise…..he is still the family dog!

We postulate that he either ate something that didn’t agree with him, or had a virus, because he is pretty much back to where he was a month ago. He has a fairly good appetite, and still loves his twice daily walks. The only negative that we see is that he sometimes trips over his own feet and stumbles, courtesy of the proprioception that the vet identified. The fat tumor on his right rear flank is quickly becoming awkwardly large, but the vet didn’t seem to be concerned. I suspect that she figured that his declining general health would likely take him before any potential cancer would.

Since Lacey joined the family, Peter has become much livelier, and has better endurance.  The affection is mutual, since Lacey won’t go out and play in the back yard with us unless Peter is out as well.  We throw Peter’s frisbees, and Lacey’s tennis balls, so both dogs are pleased.

The reality of Peter’s life is that we willing to continue letting him live as long as he continues to enjoy his life.  He is slowly losing control of his bodily systems, but not completely.  Accidents happen, or as I like to say SH/T HAPPENS.  He always looks so crestfallen when this happens, and seems to be quite embarrassed.  Perhaps it is because he knows that the dreaded BATH comes next!


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