Rushing in

A recent post on our neighborhood online site was quite heartwarming, no pun intended. Pun? The topic was concerning the huge, fast moving wild fire, north of San Francisco. Wildfire and heartWARMING. NOW you understand about the pun!

The reason for the post was that one of our neighbors is DART certified. Our youngest, Evan, also has this qualification. DART = Disaster Animal Rescue Training. Ev had to have this training before he went down to New Orleans after Katrina. What our neighbor Donna planned to do was to take cat and dog food, bowls for water and food, leashes and collars, pet carriers, towels, and blankets. If she could get clearance to do so, she planned to leave bowls of food and water in a variety of locations just clear of the burned area. She figures that a lot of pets that owners didn’t have time to grab before they rushed out of the danger area would hopefully have escaped on their own.

Donna also hoped to be able to visit some of the evacuation shelters, so was asking for clothing and footwear donations as well. I always have a bag hanging on the back of our bedroom door, to receive outgrown or dryer shrunk clothing items, so that was comparatively easy!

I gathered up half a dozen towels, a couple of dog leashes, some pet bowls, some blankets, an extra cat carrier, and three large bags of clothing donations that were destined for the Salvation Army.

This would not necessarily have been due to a lack of caring and concern; people were running for their lives from this fast moving monster! During the period when the fire tore through a town of four thousand people, it was moving at 20mph. So far, 5 people have died in this inferno.

Donna just circulated a note saying that she was safely home from her day’s journey. She promises to send a narrative and lots of pictures, within a couple of days. Once I receive this update, I’ll post it, so you’ll get to see what the front lines of the fires down here look like.


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