The real state of real estate

Since the summer is over, and schools have restarted, I assumed that the real estate market would slow to a simmer. That of course, is NOT happening. On the advice of our recently acquired agent, we went to a new listing by one of the other agents in her office. It was a 3 bed 2 bath bungalow, not far from the Senior’s Center that I volunteer at.
When we arrived there was already another client looking around, but the agent welcomed us and encouraged us to explore. The first thing we noticed was the portable air conditioner mounted on the wall. Beside that was the very old fashioned ‘wall furnace’, that can be found in many homes here in California. The kitchen cupboards had been replaced, but that was about all that was modernized so far.

What really shocked us was the horribly filthy and stained rugs that the owners didn’t even try to clean up. Yes, there was original hardwood underneath, but those disgusting rugs sure left a bad impression about the cleanliness of the home! I didn’t help that the air reeked of cigarette smoke, either.

We obviously didn’t stay long. I did stop and ask the agent if the owners were at all flexible on the price, which was $799,950.00. He smirked and said that he figured it would sell for over asking price!

We couldn’t drive away fast enough!


2 thoughts on “The real state of real estate

  1. Gilroy is about 40min commute, in zero traffic. How often do you suppose that happens? I assume he commutes via one of Apple’s big silver limo-buses. At least he can relax, work on his computer, and sit back and relax then.
    Glenn insists on being closer to work. For that matter, Gilroy’s prices are escalating now too.
    NO place is safe from the craziness in this state!


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