Shock and awe at Apple

Although I can’t really be specific on my reasons for not having time to blog lately, I CAN tell you that life is rather tedious here in the hot dry California winds.  Beautiful old trees, with massive trunk dimensions, have been falling over quite randomly.  It is SO dry here that the roots of these trees no longer have the moist earth in which to anchor their roots.  The soil has become either concrete or powder.

The most exciting happening of late was my invitation to Apple’s security presentation.  Glenn volunteered to be a product tester of a new product that hasn’t been released to the public yet, but since we share a house, I have to be ‘disclosed’ as well.   It was handed to us in its own cute carrying black case, of indeterminate shape.  We were told to go straight home with it, no stopping for dinner or drinks on the way.  There were two pieces to the box’s contents, and the security person proceeded to explain the different levels of Apple’s security protocol:  black, and ULTRA black.  One of each category could be found in the box.  As well, all windows at home must be covered before we attempt to remove said item from its cosy hiding place, so as to prevent nosy neighbours from getting a peek.

How’s that for a detailed description in invisible ink?

Apple is, as you might already know, super vigilant about confidentiality.  It is vital to them that new product introductions be able to ‘amaze and delight’, also known as shock and awe.  It’s just the way the company is!  Everything is on a need-to-know basis.  For example, Glenn is in the accessories group, which includes all the neat little do-dads that make products special.  However, he is NOT disclosed on Macs at all, or iPhones other than for their relationships with accessories.

The presentation was of necessity quite specific about what you can or cannot do with the new item.  It still belongs to Apple, who can ask us to return it at any time.  However, once this item is released to the general public, we get to keep it, and can only then open the blinds at our home.  It kind of makes you feel a bit awkward about what might be going on behind closed blinds!

One thing that I quite unexpectedly appreciated about this security presentation was that it made ALL of us feel like we were part of the team.  This was especially appreciated by those of us that would have loved a chance to work there, but are unable to for a variety of reasons.  I left that evening feeling quite chuffed, with a warm buzz of pride on being one of the insiders.  Having information that is extremely confidential is a heady power trip, one that must be carefully guarded.

The annual press release of the latest and greatest of Apple’s toys will take place in San Francisco on September 9th.


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