Hangin’ in the ‘hood’

Last evening was the official “Night Out” evening in Silicon Valley.  Every year at this time, all residents are strongly encouraged to get together with their neighbours, introduce themselves, and bond.  This program was initially developed to help discourage break ins by making us more aware of who belongs and who doesn’t.  This sentiment is supplemented by our neighborhood association found on “Next Door”, which is a website created to encourage people of have each others’ back, and keep an eye of each other!


The police are happy to encourage this sort of activity, as it gives them many extra sets of eyes.  One of our local patrolmen on the Santa Clara force was invited to this evening’s get-together.  Several kiddies, and even a few adults, took the opportunity to sit in the police car, and run the flashing lights.  The siren was off limits, but pretty much everything else was available.

Just as the thrill of being in a REAL police car started to wane, IMG_0005, a massive fire truck pulled around the corner.  Oooh, palpable excitement!  I quipped, “What, no calendars?”, but no one took the bait.

Barb, my across-the-street neighbor took this opportunity to grill the captain about why the US flag wasn’t flying adequately higher than the other two flags.  Leave it to California to have its own flag, which contains a grizzly bear.  The captain listened carefully, then apologized for this oversight, assuring her that it would be rectified immediately.IMG_0003The evening was attended by the vast majority of our neighbors, and lasted just a couple of hours.  All agreed that it was a very worthwhile event, especially the new arrivals to the ‘hood!


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