Double Date for my 55th eve

A long planned double date has finally fit on everyone’s calendar, and is scheduled for this evening!  This is a dual occasion:  Karen’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago, while her husband Robert battled a summer flu bug.  My birthday is tomorrow.  Us girls decided this was a sufficient excuse to treat ourselves royally, and dine out at one of the area’s top spots:  Naschmarkt.  We wisely made reservations several weeks ago, for this evening at 630pm.

This surprisingly popular restaurant is located in Campbell, a small town within the silicon valley district.  Obviously, it specializes in German/Austrian meals, something that Robert favors.  He like Glenn, is of middle European descent, and was raised on this type of specialty.  Since it is closest to my birthday, I was given the task of choosing the restaurant, so when I happened upon this venue, with four star reviews , I KNEW both fellows would cheer.  Karen reacted with my sort of feelings:  hey, it’s a dinner out, works for me!

The menu looks interesting, a combination of what you’d expect, with a sprinkling of the unusual.  In addition to the schnitzels, and potato salad, the Pork Cracklings are very highly recommended.  This took me aback, as I re-read it to be sure I understood.  Still I remain to convinced that pork skin and fat can be considered a delicacy, but I’ll reserve my comments until after dinner.


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