San Andreas

YES, we went to see the movie, and thoroughly enjoyed it!  I realize that it could be a realistic prophesy, but then again, it might not, at least in our lifetimes.  One thing it DID demonstrate for me though is that we need, and I mean NEED, a new dining room table.  The protective value of a plate glass table cannot hope to match that of a good, solid chunk of hardwood!  This also means that we will have to be selective about our purchase, as well.  None of these made-in-China regurgitated sawdust laminates will do.  We meed solid, SOLID WOOD!  It would be the only piece of furniture in the house with the needed level of protection to crawl under and survive a quake!

I can’t imagine the possibility of a tsunami being a worrisome consideration for us.  The coastal mountain range between us and the ocean should be able to deal with that.  As well, our four year drought has dried everything out so thoroughly that I should think that any water that made it over the mountains would be instantly absorbed by the thirsty land!
Seeing SanFranciso squished, squashed, bashed and battered was a bit creepy.  Although we don’t know the city well, we are starting to identify with it as the ‘epicenter’ of all things California.  It is always the first destination that visitors request to go to and see around.  It has its fair share of quirky characteristics that draw international attention, like Lombard Street’s serpentine curves, the beautiful architectural Painted Ladies, and the many fascinating piers of the Embarcadero.
Yes, the movie was a bit scary in the usual crash-boom-bang sort of way.  But I preferred to look at it as a rather cautionary tale.  Yes, the San Andreas fault is a neighbor here, and is quite overdue for its usual need to shake rattle and roll.  It is inevitable that it will happen someday.  As to when, we as average citizen haven’t a clue.  There are people that do have a better idea about the timing, and it is their job to monitor the seismic activity here.  These are the folks that will sound the alarms to give us forewarning of an impending quake.
I just hope that it works like it did in this movie, where a full complement of well educated scientists focus exclusively on the minutae of our geologic stability.

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