Sometimes, I just don’t get it!

It is that time of year again;  annual review time at Apple!  So far, he has just submitted his self-appraisal.  His review by his various managers comes later, probably summer some time.  Raises, if there is one, show up in September.  It is a l o n g  drawn out process.

More immediately, Apple has decided that they’l stop trying to recruit a second manager for his group.  When he told me that, my breath caught.  With many years of management experience, Glenn’s path seems obvious.  Also, the first position he was interviewing for was as manager of his current group.  The fact that he was not willing to cancel a vacation to attend an interview caused them to hire Dave for the position.  I don’t know how many times he has told me that Dave really isn’t a very good manager!

Now this new position has come up.  The individual would be a contemporary of Dave’s.  At one point I asked Glenn if he had any interest in the role, of if they had even approached him about the position.  I was feeling quite peeved that it wasn’t obvious to everyone else that they had an absolutely perfect candidate right in front of them, that could fill that vacancy!

Whether or not anyone thought of Glenn for the position is moot, as it turns out.  He has made it abundantly clear that he has NO management aspirations whatsoever.  Why?  He’s happy where he is, as just an engineer, albeit a rather gifted  one.  To put it in plain English, he would much rather just play with the toys!

His goal, for his career at Apple, is to become known as the Resident Expert in several different areas.  He is becoming known as Mr Fix-it, as he constantly gets handed tasks that his coworkers struggle with.  Several times, he has mentioned “the project from hell”, although no details are ever shared with me.  I am not ‘disclosed’, so I’m not allowed to be privy to these things!

He has recently been swapped to another project, which will mean that he is able to delay a trip to China until fall.  I am very okay with that change, as I’m getting less and less reliable ton my feet as time goes on.  My recent episode on the moving sidewalk at the airport in Toronto has left a very lasting impression on me, in the form of a large purple and yellow tattoo on my behind!  Today while out working in the front garden I caught my toe on an uneven spot on the sidewalk, and I barely avoided falling.  I know that I need to be more cognizant of where I put my feet, but remembering to do that ALL the time is a challenge!

Today and yesterday were beastly hot, with temperatures reaching 95 Fahrenheit mid afternoon.  It is especially miserable right now as my sinuses are like rock, with all the allergies being encouraged by the dry heat.  We are told that there is also a bumper crop of grass fleas in everyone’s yards!  Someone on our neighborhood association has shared a link to a company that sells nematodes, and another that specializes in diametaceous earth, both of which will easily deal with this surge of fleas.  Even our neighbor Barb has been having a hard time with these little beasts!  She went to her doctor a few days ago to find out about all of the bite marks on her body, and fleas were the culprits.    This might be a problem for her, as her home is all carpet (of the same vintage as the stuff we removed for hardwood), so that will have to be treated too!

I need to go over and talk to her, as she was considering getting nasty chemicals sprayed in her yard to combat this.  Both nematodes and diametacious earth are completely non toxic, so I had best speak with her!


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