I TOLD HIM that Apple would undoubtedly provide some sort of treat for the team that developed the Watch, but he just shrugged and said “whatever…”.

As the dinner hour came to a close, two of the executive team stood up and spoke to the gathered geeks.They praised them, and their significant others, as being an amazing team, that accomplished so much and created yet another  major product group for Apple.  Demand has been phenomenal, and it continues to grow well beyond expectations.

Jonny Ive then said, with his arms spread wide, “All I can say is, THANK YOU ALL, and you’ve all earned this event!  Without further adieu, Imagine Dragons!”

THE impact of this surprise was huge, as everyone rushed to the stage that was revealed as heavycurtains parted.  Screams, shouts, laughter and giddy shock swept us all along with the throng.

IMG_0471 IMG_0470

So now what?   That is the great, unanswerable question.  It cannot be answered because security forbids it, not because no one knows.  Some people know, people in the right places, with the right qualifications, they most surely know!  But as for the rest of us?

We aren’t DISCLOSED.


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