Apple Watch Launch Party!

Not being big on long advanced notice, Apple is having a party at Pier 17 in San Francisco tomorrow evening, to accompany the first wave of shipments.  Anyone who was involved in the development, design or planning of the Apple Watch is invited to a cocktail party to celebrate this momentous occasion.

One thing you have to say about Apple is that they love to spoil their staff.  Whether it is a concert on the grounds by a big name act like Pharrell Wiliams,  or a beer bash on a Friday afternoon, these guys are SPOILED ROTTEN!  They are not only the highest paid geeks in the valley, they get the very best of healthy food in their cafeteria, periodic stock grants for a job well done, and intermittent parties to celebrate milestones.  No wonder the reaction to “He works at Apple.” brings a moment of awed silence!

As it turns out, I had ten days of lead time.  When it was first announced several weeks ago, the impression was that it was employees only.  Whatever, go ahead, just don’t drink and drive.  Now that I know the invitation is ‘and guest’, I started to make preparative plans.  Tomorrow I have an appointment for a haircut and style at 10:00, then off to the gym for my noon to 2pm shift.  After that, I come home, and do something I’ve not attempted for many many years.  I am going to apply eye makeup!  With the help of Carrie Underwood’s TV commercial, I am going to attempt ‘smoky eyes’, with a package of Almay shadows.  After a bit of common sense took hold of me, I did NOT purchase any mascara.  I could just see myself, sporting an always appropriate ‘raccoon’ look.

Our Memorial Day shopping adventure found a nice new Ralph Lauren navy blue jacket for Glenn, at Macy’s.  He had tried on several pieces of his old dressy wardrobe, only to discover that middle age isn’t always a good friend.  Even his beloved tuxedo was out of the question, but we’re hoping that a skilled tailor can help it with the transition to it’s next evolution.  With our 35th wedding anniversary less than a year away, it will be called to duty before long.  We haven’t been on a cruise since our 25th anniversary, and we’ll have a year to save up for this one!  I think that our destination of choice will be Alaska, which automatically makes it a summer cruise.  May 16th should fit the seasonal requirements!

Fortunately, transportation to tomorrow evening’s soiree is also provided.  The giant silver commuter buses will leave Infinite Loop at 5:30, and every few minutes thereafter, a total fleet of 6 buses.  The return rides start at 1030PM, and I tend to be on one of the first departures.  MS has cranked down my party animal abilities!

Nest Tuesday June 2nd we return to San Francisco for our flight to Toronto at 1:30PM.  Once we land, we’ll get a rental car, and head north to Peterborough.  I’ll stay there for a few days, while Glenn heads south to Waterloo on Wednesday morning.  He’ll be conducting ten interviews at U Waterloo, in hopes of getting some worthwhile candidates for interns at Apple.  Those chosen will get to spend a semester at Apple, learning all the details about whatever project they are assigned to.  Not only will these students get top notch pay for their time, they get FREE room and board!  Having secured a substantial number of rental apartments in Cupertino, these lucky candidates will have an awesome work term with Apple, and will be on the first step to eventually securing a career with California’s favorite fruit company.

Meanwhile, Louis the little orange and white kitten, has made himself at home here.  He is now ten weeks old, and is one very happy little guy

.IMG_0458 (2)IMG_1749


One thought on “Apple Watch Launch Party!

  1. Louis is one adorable kitty! Alas, like sweet babies…they age…become less adorable…scratch furniture and hoark up many a hairball! hahahahah…really…I do love mine too! Get the mascara!!! Just don’t do the bottom lashes!!!


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