We are delighted to announce the arrival of our darling little……..

…male kitten!  Louie is white with tan blotches, and just had his first baby shots, at eight weeks of age.  He will get his second set of shots at the same time he gets his microchip inserted in another couple of weeks. PLUS, he will get his knickers notched while they have him out.  Confused?  That is the official term we used for neutering a male pet, back when we were in the rescue business ourselves.

Louie came from Safe Harbour Animal Rescue, in Cupertino, California.  They take in cats and kittens that need rehoming, plus they take in animals from various kill shelters in the area that have outstayed their welcome in their original shelter.  For example, they have recently taken in an orange and white spayed female whose number was up in the San Jose animal shelter. She will stay with this rescue group until a new home is found for her.  She gets along well with other cats, so if you know of someone who’d like a young adult DSH lady, give these folks a call!


There are several dozen other kitties that narrowly escaped death at one of these kill shelters, all waiting and desperately hoping for a second chance at life.


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